Blue State Blues: The Case For Pardoning Barack Obama

(Breitbart) – President Donald Trump should preemptively pardon former President Barack Obama for any crimes he may have committed in “Obamagate,” the effort by the previous administration to frame the incoming one for “Russia collusion.”

Attorney General William Barr said on Monday: “The law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of this country were involved in advancing a false and utterly baseless Russian collusion narrative against the president,” i.e. against Trump.

He added that the ongoing investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham will “determine whether there were any federal laws broken” in the effort to undermine Trump. “And if there were, those who broke the laws will be held to account.”

The most-reported line from Barr’s press conference was that he did not expect there to be a criminal indictment of Obama or of former Vice President Joe Biden. But he also added that was “based on the information I have today.”

Thus far, we know that President Obama was aware of, and may even have directed, the snooping on incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. However, is it not clear that Obama’s involvement reached a criminal level. Some members of the outgoing administration may have believed — sincerely, if wrongly — that there was something to the “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory spun by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic Party and the FBI.

Just as there was a legitimate national interest in finding out whether Vice President Biden had been compromised by his son’s dubious dealings with Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company — even though the revelations may have helped Trump’s re-election chances — so, too, there was arguably a national interest in 2017 in finding out if the incoming administration was compromised by Russia, even if the basis for that suspicion turned out to be fraudulent.

Obama may have had additional motives to monitor Flynn, beyond personal pique (he had fired Flynn as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, for which Flynn repaid him by campaigning for Trump). Obama may have wanted to protect the Iran deal, which Flynn opposed. Obama also wanted to punish Israel on his way out the door by allowing a U.N. Security Council resolution that declared the Jewish State’s presence in the historic capital of Jerusalem illegal.

The incoming administration had a very different policy toward Israel. So the President-elect’s team mobilized to prevent the resolution from passing, if possible — perhaps even by convincing Russia to oppose it. That probably accounted for some of Flynn’s conversations with Russia in December 2016. And just as Obama spied on Americans during the Iran deal debate, he was prepared to do so again to make sure the anti-Israel resolution went through.

But once the authorities knew the “Russia” suspicions were baseless — that Flynn was just coordinating policy — they should have stopped. We now know that then-FBI Director James Comey told Obama that Flynn had not passed classified information to Russia. (We know it thanks to Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who recently declassified the last portion of an email that Susan Rice, Flynn’s predecessor, wrote before leaving office.)

Yet Obama allowed the monitoring to continue. We know that he also gave Comey the green light to share the most salacious contents of the phony “Steele dossier” with Trump the next day — partly to see what his reaction would be. Vice President Biden was in the room on Jan. 5, 2017, when that happened. Comey admits that he took things further, sending agents to trap Flynn in the White House. We do not know who leaked Flynn’s name to the Washington Post, which may have been illegal, but we know the FBI leaked like a sieve. None of that was in the national interest.

So we seem to have two efforts to pursue Flynn and the incoming administration. One, coordinated by Obama, was shielded by the pretext of the national interest. Another, possibly centered around Comey, had nothing to do with national interests and may have been driven by his desire to compensate for his role in inadvertently electing Trump.

It could be that Obama’s actions — in which Biden took part, at least passively — set events in motion that had the foreseeable consequence that crimes might be committed — crimes described by Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, as including obstruction of justice.

It is also possible that the people who committed those crimes took matters a step further than Obama intended, or could have foreseen. And executive privilege could make the truth harder to find.

Barr warmed against “a tit for tat exercise,” politicizing justice or “lower[ing] the standards” just to punish Obama for doing the same. “Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime,” he cautioned.

Still, if the goal is to restore public confidence in the justice system, the only way is to wipe the slate clean. And the only way to do that would be for Trump to pardon Obama and Biden, preemptively, for the sake of national unity.

It would, of course, drive Obama, Biden, the Democrats, and the media crazy. Pardoning Obama and Biden would, by itself, imply that they had done something wrong — which is exactly why Trump might find it politically useful.

But beyond politics, the only practical course may be one in which the aggrieved party himself ends the cycle of investigation — at least regarding the former president and vice president. And let the rest of them face justice.


  1. [email protected] that, I want to see people hang and that includes ODUMBO, BIDEN, CROOKED HILLARY and the other ten thousand or so POS who did this. SEDITION is a crime and it needs to be used to kill these people.

  2. The TWO-TIER justice system works great for the elites, Not so much for the common people, We go to jail they get praised and protected. Dont expect Obama or Biden to be put under the microscope they fall under the protection policies of the elites even in a Trump administration.

  3. the punishment for treason is hanging. build a gallows and string them up. Obama Biden Yates comey rice Clapper brennan strok page sullivan and all the rest of the cast of characters.. make it a big public spectacle to deter it from ever happening again. these people are criminals of the highest order and under no circumstances should they be freed.

  4. Interesting to say the least, Mr Barr is an honorable man and I have no doubts about his loyalties and concerns for this country, but this is an on going COUP, apparently pre-planned and should not go without exposing all concerned. Obama etal need to admit or be indicted before any pardon. The Democrat party any everyone involved including the so called Media needs to be held to the fire, nothing is more important then exposing everything that took place so it can be addressed. Including the bureaucrats, politics needs to be set on their heals with new Guidelines if necessary.

    Transparency, term limits, photo voter IDs, nothing should be ASSUMED. Then if you want to pardon someone, that’s another matter. I am willing to turn the the other cheek, but just pardoning them fixes nothing. Look at what the followers of the Democrats are currently doing as we speak!

  5. America will not standby and allow someone who was illegally elected to the office of US President (not a natural born citizen of USA), to be pardoned after utilizing his time wielding his ill-gotten power to destroy America. His acts of treason against Americans constitute a long list that is still being written. No pardon for Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Obama), or any of his cohorts (Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc).

  6. Pardon OBAMA . . . what a STUPID STATEMENT and ASSUMPTION. Lock up ALL who are guilty, STARTING with OBAMA. Let’s do this “justice thing” right! Build another FEDERAL PRISON if we have to . . . One Rather IRATE Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. What does Obama care about, MONEY. Make him defend lawsuit after lawsuit even if they are not valid, make him bleed money on defending the lawsuits. Embarrassing him so his deals for tv, speaking engagements and books all go south, force him to sell his million dollar homes and send him back to an apartment in south Chicago and we all know what happens in south Chicago!

  8. No PARDON!!! They are corrupt as hell and put our country at great risks. They smeared a good person and have trashed his reputation. If a Republican had done that, Democrats would have had them in GITMO by now. Prosecute! There is more than enough evidence of illegal tactics.

  9. Isay Trump should go all out on his investigation of Obama/Biden mess and PROSECUTE! The Democrats continue their charade of impeachment and demeaning Trump. It’s PAST TIME to make them all pay dearly.

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  11. Oh hell no!! Don’t know if his involvement has reached criminal level?? are you crazy Barr? They supposedly found enough to impeach Trump and his so called crime was a phone call. OMG, Obama & Biden have done real crimes, not made up ones. What is it with these men that don’t not want to touch Obama. Look at Lindsey Graham; he won’t call Obama for questioning WHY, WHY? Trump needs to appoint some pit bulls that aren’t afraid to bring these criminals to justice. Ppl that want to drain the swamp, not rearrange it.

  12. Pardon? Pardon Obama? Obama said not a smidgin of corruption. What are you thinking If he says there wasn’t any corruption. Release his records and then we can talk about a pardon for no corruption.


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