Black Lives Matter Protester Trying To Block Car Carrying Iowa Governor “Shocked” When Hit As Car Driven Right Through Him

(Gateway Pundit) – A Black Lives Matter protester who tried to block a vehicle carrying Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) by standing in front of it Tuesday said he was was shocked when Reynolds’ driver hit the gas instead of the brake and drove right through him. The protester, Jaylen Cavil, said he was “physically okay” after failing to block the governor.

Above: Jaylen Cavil protesting Gov. Reynolds, screen image.

The Des Moines Register reported on the incident (excerpt):

…A group of about two dozen Des Moines Black Lives Matter activists showed up to Reynolds’ public events in Steamboat Rock and Ackley, each about 90 miles from Des Moines, on Tuesday to urge her to immediately sign an executive order restoring voting rights to people with felony convictions who have completed their sentences. Reynolds has said she will sign the order but not immediately.

The activists were not allowed into Reynolds’ events, which were held on private property, so a group of them stood in the driveway of Family Traditions Meat in Ackley to block Reynolds from driving away.

Jaylen Cavil, an organizer with Des Moines Black Lives Matter, said he was standing in the driveway hoping that Reynolds would roll down the window of the vehicle and speak to them.

“The SUV that Gov. Reynolds was driving in drove right up to me. I was standing right in front of the car and I just stood there. I was like, ‘I’m going to stand here. Surely the driver of the governor is not going to hit me with her car. This is the governor, my governor, who’s supposed to be representing me. I’m sure that her car is not going to intentionally hit me.’ I was wrong,” he said.

Cavil said he was not injured, but it was shocking when the vehicle hit him. He said the impact spun him around and lifted him slightly onto the hood of the vehicle….

An Iowa Antifa activist was not happy with the governor not letting herself be held captive by the mob.

Jaylen Cavil was senior deputy political director for the campaign of Eddie Mauro who lost the June 2 Iowa Democrat primary to take on incumbent U.S. Sen. Joni Ersnt (R).

Cavil tweeted about blocking and being hit by the governor’s car:

“Kim Reynolds driver hit me with her car, lmao…I’m physically okay. Just still shocked & trying to process the fact that the governor’s car intentionally hit me today.”

Cavil’s group Des Moines Black Lives Matter posted photos and videos of their protest.

Gov. Reynolds was at the White House last week.


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  3. Cavil, displays the needed intelligence level for a Liberal leader. He’s taken ‘Whack a Mole’ to run one over….

  4. What kind of damn fool stands in front of a 2 ton vehicle,illegally I might add,and expect them to stop and chat because YOU want them to!?? Personally,I wouldn’t have even stopped! They’d be picking you up with a water hose and a big collander! Then I qould sue your estate for the damages to and the cleaning/disinfecting of said vehicle!

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  7. Jaylen ain’t too bright but what piece of liberal trash is folks ? How stupid can one be , even a squirrel tries to dodge a moving 2 ton automobile .

    • I guess it was ok for him to purposely block her vehicle? At best, he and BLM are confused about how to have a civil conversation. Guess what, dude? The minute you did that, she stopped listening to you. Hint hint.

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