“Black Lives Matter Is A Mandate – Pay Us What You Owe Us” – Top Democrat Demands Reparations (Video)

This should come as no surprise.

(Gateway Pundit) – Radical Democrat Ayanna Pressley took to the House floor last week and demanded the American people “pay us what you owe us.”

The Massachusetts Representative says Black Lives Matter has a mandate.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley: “Black Lives Matter is a mandate from the people. It’s time — pay us what you owe us. Our Black skin is not a crime. It is the beautiful robe of nation-builders.”

Pressley is also leading efforts to defund police departments.

Ayanna Pressley went on to tell local Boston reporters she is hopeful.

Via The Washington Examiner.



  1. Ain’t seen a black dude wearin’ all purple like dat since dat Prince dude. Yo…is you related to Prince ?? You be lookin’ like all Purple Rain an’ shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, eksept you all BALD an’ shiiiiiiiiiit. And…..why you so angry, dude ?!?!?!?!

  2. Up next….the angry, shiny-headed bald dude with the sharpie-drawn eyebrows will comment on the story in the Boston newspapers that residents who have not paid rent due to the planned-demic are facing potential mass evictions.

    The angry, shiny-headed bald dude with the sharpie-drawn eyebrows will undoubtedly scream “RAYCISM” at the top of his lungs, rather that do anything at all about it…..

    Yo…..you mad, bro ?!?!?!?!

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  4. Give them reparations, they will spend it on dome polish, is that ru paul?..l didnt knew-she Was # a politician

  5. Approximately 38% of welfare recipients are black, white is bout the same. Black population is less than 15%, white is just over 62%. Per capita blacks are over 4 times greater than that of whites drawing welfare. The question is how many actually need welfare and how many are just too damn lazy to get a job. White males graduate HS at 1 1/2 to 2 times the rate of blacks going to the same damn schools!!! Much of crime is committed almost equally by white and black again the population difference and blacks are over 4 times as likely to commit a crime than a white. Politifact published 73% of black babies born out of wedlock and 67% of black children grow up in single parent homes. almost every major American city has a black mayor or white dem voted for by the black communities. Aren’t they doing a wonderful job of making your life better!! The HS graduation rate of black and white is widening in most of these cities–WHY (white and black attend the same schools). No fears, the tax payers will continue to take care of you and most of them are white. Reparations–slavery ended over 150 years ago but yet most of you choose to continue to live on the plantation (dem plantation). Reparation is what many blacks owe the tax payer for supporting them for so many years and we should be allowed to claim you as a tax deduction. You don’t know anymore about slavery than the person standing next to you (white or black). It is time to quit using your skin color as an excuse and if you want to look at someone that owes you then look at those worthless “black leaders and white dems” you keep electing to run your cities-so much for the systematic racism. THE ONLY ONE LETTING DOWN THE BLACKS ARE THE BLACKS AND THE ONLY ONE THAT OWES ANYTHING TO THE BLACKS ARE THE BLACKS! Pressley should be advocating for a HAND-UP instead of another hand-out.

  6. How much lead will it take to pay you non slaves off.Tell us the amount in grains.I don’t won’t to over pay.

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  8. Never had a slave, but worked like one. You and your ilk have been wrongfully paid through tour hard earned tax dollars. Go away leech.

  9. WRONG! You PLCSAII Democratic Party Members truly better pay back what you stole from “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, That you Anti-Constitutional Dems ILLEGAL acted like ILLEGAL ROBIN-HOODS, you people keep acting like Sargent Schultz Character from Hogan Heroes, concerning all of those DACA and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT-ALIENS, who continuously use The USA’s Southern Border, like it is a UNSECURED Old Fashioned Department Stores Revolving Front And Back Doors, of the likes of that Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Mr. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez Alias Mr. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, An IIA who do NOT give A Bloody Darn About The USA’s Laws And Constitution And The USA’s Way Of Life!!!

  10. There is black slaves still in foreign countries! None here in USA. Focus on clearing that up first before any demands.

  11. I dont owe the Black community anything except the same opportunities as any other citizen, MY family HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY, And I dont have ANY INTENTION of apologizing to anyone because of my skin color.

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  13. Thief-in-Chief of the Theft Left, FAKE presIDent Soetoro-Obama II, couldn’t have said it better than SQUAD LEADER, bald-headed NUMBSKULL EMERITAS, Ayanna Pressley;

    “Give us your earnings, whitey, or we’ll burn down your properties!”




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  15. This call for reparations from Whites to Blacks is nothing but smoke screen to cover up their real goal. It is outwardly looking for a way to punish Whites for being white, something that they have no control over. Whites owe them nothing financially. Many Whites died to end slavery. Few Whites actually owned slaves. Expecting Whites to pay reparations for things that happened over 100 years ago is sheer lunacy. BLM knows it. If Blacks are too lazy to work or to take education seriously, that is their problem. Yes, there are White racists in America, BUT there are also Black racists in America as well. They often parade around like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, spewing their poison while professing to want “Justice.” White racists often seem to be more honest about their feelings.

    On the contrary, BLM owes America, including Whites, an apology for its terrorist actions which have their real goal in mind: destroying America, as we know it, and turning it into a Communistic/Socialistic society. This is BLM’s real goal. Everything else is a side show that is meant to distract, divide, and confuse us.


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