Black Lives Matter Activist Loses One Of His Testicles After Being Shot In The Balls With Rubber Bullets During George Floyd Riots

(Gateway Pundit) – A Black Lives Matter activist lost one of his testicles after getting shot in the balls by rubber bullets during George Floyd riots in Los Angeles.

Bradley Steyn says he plans on suing the LAPD after law enforcement officials shot him in the scrotum on May 30 during a ‘protest.’

TMZ reported:

Bradley Steyn — a South African man who protested apartheid back in the day — claims he was maimed by law enforcement during a May 30 George Floyd protest in L.A.’s Fairfax District.

He claims he witnessed police brutality, then became a victim himself when cops allegedly used batons to beat him in the chest … before shooting him with rubber bullets at point-blank range.

Bradley claims he was hit in the inner thigh and genitals and has since suffered horrific pain and the loss of a testicle.

And his lawyer is none other than liberal hack Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom.

Featured image credit: TMZ


  1. I agree, the police messed up! They should have used a giant bean bag gun and severed the entire package!!! He is probably a transitioning tranny anyway.

  2. Kudos to our gallant and professional law enforcement officers who have demonstrated outstanding marksmanship skills!

  3. Awwwwww, Geeeze ! How sad, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy……LMAO. As others have indicated, should have gotten both. The axxhat should have stayed home, we already have more than our share of axxhats…..

  4. What was a South African man doing involved in the riots and “protests”? Now he pretends to get money from the state.
    These people make me sick.

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  6. The Democrats shut down Tim Scott’s policing bill. Why doesn’t President Trump sign Tim Scott’s bill into law as an Executive Order? Simple enough!

  7. LET us see if we have this correct He attends a demonstration in which violence is expected BLACK LIVES MATTER does not know any better he joins in the riots he then gets injured and sent to the hospital and now because he was involved in the violence he thinks someone(TAXPAYERS) SHOULD COMPENSATE HIM , Maybe he should have stayed home in the first place. If anything he and the rest of the loons should have to pay for all the damage they did.

    • I think I am just as perplexed as you but it is California which has been poisoned by the likes of newsome, waters, Pelosi, etc. Glad I don’t pay taxes in California.

  8. so helps burn down buildings break windows cost tax payer 1000,00,s now wants to sue again costing tax payers 1000,00 cause looks like he can afford a lawyer or his hospital bill, to bad he did not lose both then we would not have worry his future welfare food stamp scum kids


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