Biologist: Eliminate Religions For ‘Sake Of Human Progress’

January 31, 2015 7:34 am  

(Truth Revolt) – A world-renowned biologist may have just discovered the key to unlocking utopia: eliminate all religions.

Known as the “father of sociobiology,” biologist E.O Wilson opened up to New Scientist about his latest book that explores the future of humans and the earth.

With rhetoric similar to that of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, Wilson characterized religion as none other than a plague that had made the earth suffer “a thousand cuts” with no solution other than total elimination.

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“All the ideologies and religions have their own answers for the big questions, but these are usually bound as a dogma to some kind of tribe,” he said. “Religions in particular feature supernatural elements that other tribes – other faiths – cannot accept … And every tribe, no matter how generous, benign, loving and charitable, nonetheless looks down on all other tribes. What’s dragging us down is religious faith.”

“Humans everywhere have a strong tendency to wonder about whether they’re being looked over by a god or not. Practically every person ponders whether they’re going to have another life,” Wilson continued. “These are the things that unite humanity.”

While Wilson acknowledged that humans have a natural desire to search for the transcendent, he reiterated that “tribal religions” have made the world worse, and should be eliminated “for the sake of human progress.”

Wilson stated that he doesn’t refer to himself as an atheist, but he did drift away from Christianity, having been raised as a Baptist in Alabama.

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