Bill O’Reilly Destroys The Dems Narrative On “White Supremacy” With Facts — This Is Brutal

( Exclusive) – The far-left progressive critical race theorists have had the run of the mainstream narrative as of late, throwing around terms like “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” with a lot of emotion and bravado—and little facts or data to bolster their radical worldview.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, during the Thursday airing of his show on streaming network “The First,” dismantled their myths and did some serious damage to the prevalence of this language which is freely employed by the likes of the Biden Democrats and all the requisite left-wing pundits, as BizPac Review explains.

In reality, he points out, federal cases involving alleged white supremacists over the past two years were extraordinarily minute according to recently uncovered data.

Meanwhile, cases involving groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter skyrocketed, in fact (surprised?).

“Where is all the white supremacy stuff?” the longtime television host asked, noting there were simply “no visible signs” of a massive movement of white racists save for “a few kooks” online.

“But is it a pervasive problem?” he asked, pointing out that during a CNN town hall that week, Joe Biden characterized the issue of white supremacy as so critical, he vowed his Justice Department would be closely watching it.

O’Reilly pointed to DOJ data which indicated just five federal cases in 2019 brought against a collective 75 alleged white supremacists.

In 2020, just five cases were brought against a mere 14 suspected white supremacists, he also noted.

Meanwhile, just five eight people were prosecuted on the state level in 2019 as part of only five cases while in 2020, just three cases were prosecuted against nine persons total.

O’Reilly explained that, all together, state and federal prosecutions of alleged white supremacists totaled just 18 cases against a collective 106 people.

That’s a very small amount of white supremacists.

“Now, those are the facts. You can’t alter them, you can’t spin them,” the host explained.

Nonetheless, Biden at his CNN town hall claimed that the problem of white supremacy has disseminated itself throughout our culture, including within police departments and the military.

This isn’t just hyperbole—it’s downright fantasy.

The President of the United States is just making crap up with absolutely no data to back it up—and his DOJ is going to start hunting people down on the basis of fantasy.

Because make no mistake—they’ve been calling everyone on the right “white supremacists” for a long, long time now.

They’re not planning on going after genuine racist white supremacists, they’re planning on going after people who believe in things like traditional values, American-style liberty, free speech, and the nuclear family.

These are all things that have been associated with the demonized “whiteness” that critical race theorists use to promote their own twisted racism.

This isn’t about anti-racism—this is about squashing an ideological opponent in the least democratic method imaginable.

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  1. FOLKS, I have come to the conclusion that we all must be Racist if have a job got work every day pay our bills send our kids to school and support our children, Believe in God attend our local church, Respect our Police believe in our constitution admit our mistakes and try our best to correct them, Respect the laws of our nation respect the rights and freedoms of others, If we support all this nonesense we must by all means be RACIST, Call me what you wish i still believe in GOD and COUNTRY. And im NOT BUYING WHAT THE LEFT IS SELLING.

  2. Over and over again the left take the same strategy of creating an alternate reality, a lie to advance their power. the Russian investigation based on lies uses in the FISA court, the two impeachments based on a twisting of reality to sell a lie, both acquittal then the rush to get through the process before the facts are revealed on top of silencing factual sources and information. Every thing has been established as a lie in order to manipulate for a strangle hold on America and the People of America. A virus promoted by China and their friend Fauci as lock downing and denying a major curing medication that had been used to cure other viruses is smeared with “It will kill you ” threats, but no treatment is advised by CDC until death is near and they are put into the hospital. A few people fight the medical advice of the CDC and Fauci and demand the use of the medication and miraculously recover in a short time without the heart being damaged or the other side affects Fauci and the politically correct medical sources describe. Fancy that!

    Now the climate change with the illusion that man’s impact is so great on the earth, not the sun’s cycles of spots activity throwing out radiation are altering our climate. They do not want you to look at the factual science or history which indicates cycles of climate changes have been part of this earth long before the industrial age. But the leftist again want to lock us down for another 8 or 10 years so their theory can save what is left of man kind after not growing food or raising beef or heating our homes while wearing two thicknesses of masks or making a living with a business, locked down in our homes for 8 to 10 years.

  3. When, tell us when the democrats have done anything Good for this country or the citizens, letting illegal aliens who have no right to steal into this country, openly putting forth a bill HR127 which is a criminal violation of the Constitution or HR1 to make legal on paper the violation of the electoral process used by the democrats to steal the election along with the electronic activity of China to delete, flip and add thousands of votes cast by people who do not exist to Biden’s advantage? Biden is a criminal in the WH put there by criminals and our enemies.


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