Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness For Funneling Millions In Foreign Donations To Schiff, Hillary Clinton And Democrats — New Data Shows Bill And Hillary Involved

(Gateway Pundit) – The Liberal Media Is Covering This Up!…


Earlier this month The Gateway Pundit reported on the news that Democrat operative and Robert Mueller chief witness George Nader was indicted for his involvement in illegal campaign contributions from foreign entities to the Hillary campaign in 2016.

Nader was one of Mueller’s top witnesses and he is a top Democrat donor and convicted child molester.

But there is more to the story.

Bill Barr indicted eight individuals for illegally funneling foreign money to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and several Democratic senators.

According to News Thud:

The list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and many super PAC’s including the big one Priorities USA.

All of the leading names in the Democratic party took in this money including Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu, Jon Tester, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, etc.

The DOJ reported:

Earlier today, an indictment was unsealed against the CEO of an online payment processing company, and seven others, charging them with conspiring to make and conceal conduit and excessive campaign contributions, and related offenses, during the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and thereafter.

Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Assistant Director in Charge Timothy R. Slater of the FBI’s Washington Field Office made the announcement.

A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia indicted Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, 48, of Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 7, 2019, along with George Nader, Roy Boulos, Rudy Dekermenjian, Mohammad “Moe” Diab, Rani El-Saadi, Stevan Hill and Thayne Whipple. The 53 count indictment charges Khawaja with two counts of conspiracy, three counts of making conduit contributions, three counts of causing excessive contributions, 13 counts of making false statements, 13 counts of causing false records to be filed, and one count of obstruction of a federal grand jury investigation. Nader is charged with conspiring with Khawaja to make conduit campaign contributions, and related offenses. Boulos, Dekermenjian, Diab, El-Saadi, Hill, and Whipple are charged with conspiring with Khawaja and each other to make conduit campaign contributions and conceal excessive contributions, and related offenses.

According to the indictment, from March 2016 through January 2017, Khawaja conspired with Nader to conceal the source of more than $3.5 million in campaign contributions, directed to political committees associated with a candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election. By design, these contributions appeared to be in the names of Khawaja, his wife, and his company. In reality, they allegedly were funded by Nader. Khawaja and Nader allegedly made these contributions in an effort to gain influence with high-level political figures, including the candidate. As Khawaja and Nader arranged these payments, Nader allegedly reported to an official from a foreign government about his efforts to gain influence.

The indictment also alleges that, from March 2016 through 2018, Khawaja conspired with Boulos, Dekermenjian, Diab, El-Saadi, Hill, and Whipple to conceal Khawaja’s excessive contributions, which totaled more than $1.8 million, to various political committees. Among other things, these contributions allegedly allowed Khawaja to host a private fundraiser for a presidential candidate in 2016 and a private fundraising dinner for an elected official in 2018.

The indictment further alleges that, from June 2019 through July 2019, Khawaja obstructed a grand jury investigation of this matter in the District of Columbia. Knowing that a witness had been called to testify before the grand jury, Khawaja allegedly provided that witness with false information about Nader and his connection to Khawaja’s company. Boulos, Diab, Hill, and Whipple also are charged with obstructing the grand jury’s investigation by lying to the FBI.

Currently, Nader is in federal custody on other charges.

Above: Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja and Hillary Clinton; image credit: Allied Wallet

Khawaja donated OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Democrat PAC Priorities USA!

The list of Khawaja’s donations is endless.

This is being covered up by the liberal mainstream media!

As we reported previously– George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman and one of Mueller’s ‘star witnesses’ was charged in a Virginia federal court in July with additional child sex crimes.

Recall, Nader was previously indicted on June 3rd 2019 on child pornography charges.

Above: George Nader

According to a 3-count indictment, Nader was charged earlier in July for possessing child pornography and for traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual acts.

Nader is accused of transporting a 14-year-old European boy to the United States for sex in the year 2000.

Now this…

The indictment included information that George Nader was given an extreme amount of access to Hillary AND BILL Clinton during the election as he was funneling foreign money to Democrat politicians.

Nader may have been acting on behalf of the leader of the UAE in the donations scandal.

The indictment suggests the money was coming from the leader of the UAE in order to gain access with the Clintons.

This is another massive political scandal being covered up by the mainstream media to protect Democrats.


  1. All these no good crooks need to be jailed for
    life. In addition, no retirement, no free medical
    They are the worst of the worst. It’s hard to believe
    this is happening in our government. Trump is
    correct the swamp needs to be drained. The swamp is
    the entire Demorats and their party.

  2. my frustration is that with ALL this evidence and discovery cover up, once again the corrupt guys all walk free laughing all the way. I’m out.

  3. Where’s the familiar chant of the Democrats “no one is above the law”? There needs to be indictments of those who knowingly accepted illegal campaign contributions like Hillary, Adam Schiff, and others. Jail time would be too good for them.

  4. Please indict- Schiff, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Blumenthal, Nadler, Schumer, The Squad and all the rotten House Democrats.

  5. So those that received these illegal donations are not part of this conspiracy to elude the reporting of these donations! Change the f-big law where anyone receiving donations are responsible for the legality of said donations! How are politicians in America protected by most of our laws??

  6. I can only imagine how many democrats are involved in money laundering for their campaigns and lying to We the People. They should all be in prison for the pay to play Clinton scheme. This is only the tip of the ice berg but they all have to be removed from congress, no pension, no medical and life in prison. The list Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Gilibrand, Durbin and the DNC.

  7. To allow the Clintons a pass and not be held accountable for their crimes is an injustice to every American! It’s stunning how obvious the Clinton Crime family has been above the law while Schumer, Pelosi and all her Democratic stooges demand that no one is above the law and yet continue hide all of their crimes. American’s demand justice prevail

    • Liberal judges would have dropped charges in a blink. This is why it’s taking so long: President Trump is appointing conservative and constitutional judges as much and as quickly as he can. Pray for the truth, pray for our nation and those who serve and protect. Respectfully.

  8. How about those that took illegal contributions? do they not face any penalties? especially if they knew they were illegal. I guess they could always plead ignorance and say they did not know the contributions were illegal, I guess ignorance of the law would not apply since these are swamp rats that took the money in the first place, Maybe they all should be charged with influence peddling.
    But if past history accounts for anything the swamp rats wont be touched and they will continue with their corruption, deceit and criminal behavior, while the rest of America waits for someone in the Judicial sytem to grow a backbone and go after them.

    • If they start prosecuting everyone that received illegal contributions, most politicians, both Republican and Democrat, will be charged and indicted.

  9. I read , and listen to all the bullshit ( and it’s all bullshit ) the Do Nothing Democrat’s get away with ALL THERE BULLSHIT AND ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AND NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM . The Republicans do NOTHING at ALL TO GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE AND BROUGHT UP ON BREAKING LAWS YOUR ALL FULL OF BULLSHIT

  10. Why is this the first time we’re hearing about this? I’m not surprised the Clintons are friends with a KNOWN pedophile!! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for one wild ride. I hope and pray justice prevails.

  11. Please remove the titles and treat them like people who have violated the law(s) and let justice be served. We are a nation of laws?

    • Typical liberal tactic! Accuse others of what you are guilty of. And we knew it already. President Trump and Q has been telling us for at least 2+ years but Q is a larp right? I don’t think so. This is why the left and the Rino’s (fake Republicans) have tried to destroy President and we the people that don’t follow like sheep to the slaughter as some do.

  12. I’m retired from the LAPD. In the second half of my career, I worked street gangs (CRASH) and Narcotics, as a Detective and Detective Supervisor. Before LAPD I was in the military. I Commanded units in 5 nations, on 3 continents – multiple times.
    My complaint: Rarely, do any of our politicians have 2 seconds of my background, yet Pelosi wants people like me (there’s plenty of others) to believe that she’s anything other than a skinny overpaid old lady, who has never risked her life in the line of duty, honor, and least of all country.

    • What’s your problem? Should everyone had done the kind of work you did? Is that how the world works. We all have our professional duties, and together we continously perfect the union. Why do you think you’re better than someone because of the professions you pursued? Did you say the things you’re saying about Mrs. Nancy Pelosi when Paul Ryan was the Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

    • Thank you for your service Sir.❤️ You are absolutely correct. They have robbed America and the American people blind through their crimes, conniving, and thievery but yet they think that they are above us and should be able to tell us what to do. I think nor.


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