Big: Republican National Committee Appoints Panel To Examine Election Integrity

( Exclusive) – While the Democrats and the Deep State have created ample drama to dispel and distract from allegations that the 2020 election was fraudulently impacted in favor of now-President Joe Biden, many questions about the integrity of our election systems as a whole remain.

The Republican National Committee, based on allegations of fraud made by lawsuits filed on President Trump’s behalf in 2020, is now taking up the task to ensure that future elections are conducted in a more secure manner.

The Committee on Election Integrity, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel has said, will examine what went wrong in our last general election.

One issue she pointed to was the broad increase of mail-in and absentee ballot measures which was done in several states, unconstitutionally in some cases, which was the contention of the lawsuit the state of Texas filed in the Supreme Court (that was ultimately rejected).

“What we saw this past election – states undoing important safeguards, bypassing the proper legislative processes, and changing election laws in the eleventh hour – was deeply troubling and brought chaos and uncertainty to our sacred democratic processes,” she said.

According to Fox News, the new panel aims to restore confidence in our election system and will focus on transparency and voting policies and practices.

“Among them: the panel will push to ensure poll watchers are allowed to properly observe counting processes, ‘meaningful’ voter ID laws are codified, and all Americans have faith in our elections process,” they reported.

McDaniel characterized election integrity as “one of the most critical issues we face.”

Then-President Trump and other Republicans raised the alarm about election integrity for months ahead of the general election as states rush to provide more access to mail-in and absentee voting.

Indeed, much of the contention the Republican Party had with the outcome of the 2020 race related to mail-in or absentee ballots, both in the manner in which they were verified and the constitutionality with which rules related to such balloting were changed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Trump campaign and other entities, including the RNC, filed a number of lawsuits in the months after the general election contending as much, but they were all dismissed on the basis of standing, rather than merit.

This means that the courts simply didn’t think courts were the place to scrutinize the allegations, rather than that the cases were weak. Typically, courts prefer for state legislatures to handle something as politically significant as the outcome of an election.

The RNC’s new election panel will be chaired by Florida Republican Party chairman Joe Gruters and co-chaired by national committeewoman Ashley MacLeay of the District of Columbia.

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  1. It is so amazing,How smart the people on here are,I cant believe our leaders do not understand us, all.Or maybe they do?And they really do not care?I keep saying, more people were voting for the wrong man.But I keep telling my self,They really did not do that,We were ripped off, from machines and paper.Donald really did win

  2. Lins,You are completely right on,The only chance we have, is if Mr.Trump can get us back in the right direction again.We for sure had some bad republicans not doing there jobs also,So sad these days, for people that believe in capitolism.If we ever get back in again,We had better make sure radicals dont ever get a foot hold again,I also believe in time limits,They need competition,to keep them honest.

  3. I wonder what all of the armed forces would think that have caught and died to protect you and your rights under the Constitution, and your Bill of Rights. Don’t let anyone take them away from you. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. The fix is in and the steal consummated. There is only one thing left for true patriotic Americans to do; bloody violent rebellion. The State has plans to kill dissenters so why not die like heroes in a massive rebellion

  5. Examine…after the fact? …w/out doing a damn thing about a ‘stolen election?’ So GoneOleParty that we, ‘The People’ are SO TIRED OF!’ Ditch Mitch and all the rest of you ‘Pol Puppets’ then, and only then will America have a chance of being ‘Great Again!’

  6. Now that the election has been stolen, and the commies are back in control, the RNC is going to do some “examinations” ? C’mon man.

  7. Almost 50 years ago, I was “asked” to sign up for the draft, so my government could send me half way around the world, to kill communists.
    I did as I was “asked” to do, and waited for my number to be called after
    Nixon instituted the draft lottery. I wasn’t looking forward to being sent
    12,000 miles away from home, but i nevertheless accepted my responsibility, as an American citizen, to do my duty. Only by luck, did my number not come up two times, and after that, the Vietnam War was over.
    My question today is, why was it ok to kill communists then, and not ok today? Is it because there are too many of them in our own government, or
    are today’s communists, nicer/kinder communists?

  8. Ronna McDaniel is a traitor to the party and DJT. She needs removed from her position. NOT ANOTHER DIME to the spineless, gutless republicans until some body with integrity, and honor is put in a leadership position to stand against the vile demoRats. The election was stolen, rigged, and patently illegal!! Yet these wimpy repubs ‘in charge’ think they can continue to push their useless rhetoric to pacify the base with this dumb and phony move. Shameful idiots.

  9. The right for Americans to possess guns was put into the Constitution to allow Americans to defend themselves against the government. Today we see clearly in front of us why, and how clairvoyant the founders were!

  10. The truth is too much for the leftists to deal with so they try to squelch any opposition! The Dems, Antifa, BLM and anarchists are the real enemies of the USA! Yes, the voting was biased, fraudulent and mass cheating was done! It could very well have had CCP interference! A deep investigation needs to be done, or the Leftists will take over the country!

    • SORRY DENNIS, The left has already taken over the country, If you dont believe that ask yourself, DID MY LAST VOTE COUNT, I dont know for whom you voted but chances are if you voted for TRUMP it did not count the left made sure of that. And our sorry JUDICIAL SYSTEM AND OUR SORRY CONGRESS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT THE TRUTH.

  11. A little late as dems already planned to initiate heard ballot mail in. Bart said it all in his email above. A day late and a Qualified Patriot President Trump short!

  12. It seems more than just a little late now, They should have been working more than a year ago to ensure that the election was going to be ran in an honest way they made NO EFFORT at all to ensure election integrity, ANYONE with the slightest bit of intelligence would have known that mail in Ballots was going to be a problem that is except our Republican Party and now after the horse is out of the stall they suddenly want to investigate WHAT A FARST. I personnaly have left the Republican party because they have shown nothing but weakness I will never vote for A DEMOCRAT but i will not continue to support REPUBLICANS as long as they continue to cower and refuse to stand up and defend our country and the constitution. Election integrity will forever more be questioned going forward, Why because nothing will change until REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS AND AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL GROW A BACKBONE.

  13. This is disgusting! A white wash so they can say they went through the motions of investigating. The evidence HAS been established and it is confirmed with the electronic footprint, which is only a small part of the fraud, but makes it clear China put Biden in office.This is a cover up by the people who say they represent us but we have been robbed, and the office of president is occupied by a fraud.

  14. Please hurry and expose the fraudulent election before num nuts jo ruins this country. I can’t speak chinese and will not learn to. I was Born FREE as an American ,I will Live Free as an American under the Constitution Of The United States of America, which all Politicians swore an Oath to unhold but alot don’t even know what it says and they don’t want to because they cancelled the 1776 commission. I’m 67 years young and have never owned another Human being and tired of being treated like I did. Tired of being called a racist by racist because I’m White. AND I will Die a FREE American and if need be you will have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands to defend this Great Country. And you got it ” I LOVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Not a threat just feel I’m being Backed into a corner. George Washington said if the government tries to take away your guns then it is time to take the government away from them.

  15. We know we we’re screwed with the vote so what can we do? You keep putting news on here like it’s news …GOD BLESS AMERICA and WE THE PPL!

    • MEG, You are correct, This is old news now, and nothing is EVER GOING to be done about it, I do not know for sure if BIDEN actually won i have serious doubts that he did but we the people will never know for sure, I do know that BIDEN is destroying our economy and taking us back into the ditch that President TRUMP just dugs us out of, By the time BIDEN and HARRIS are finished the damage they leave behind may be unrepairable even for Someone like TRUMP.


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