Biden’s Media Tour Isn’t Going So Well – Watch This Awkward Exchange Between Old Joe And NBC’s Nicolle Wallace (Video)

What did we just watch?

(Gateway Pundit) – Biden put his “No Malarkey” tour on hold and is currently practicing “social distancing” because of the Coronavirus pandemic so he has been giving briefings and interviews from home.

So far it has been a disaster.

Biden stumbled his way through his interview with “The View” and got lectured by Jake Tapper after coughing into his hand, defying CDC guidelines on the Coronavirus.

But this exchange between Biden and NBC’s Nicolle Wallace was extremely awkward.

Joe tried to dunk on President Trump but his timing was off — at one point Biden compared Trump to a yo-yo and Nicolle Wallace was left speechless after awkwardly laughing.


Full Interview:


  1. What more can be said about sleepy, creepy Uncle Joe Biden that hasn’t already been said repeatedly, ad infinitum, ad nauseam!

  2. This guy is bonkers. He said he talked to “hundreds of governers”, ( just one example), listen how he said the wasted money ( one trillion dollars) on the American Recovery Act saved the country, ( it was a tremendous failure and anyone with a brain knows it). I can’t believe the DNC thinks this is their guy to beat our president. He belongs in assisted care, no joke.


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