Biden Ends G7 Summit With Creepy America Last Speech, And No One Knows When Or Where He Even Filmed It

( Exclusive) – Watching the first month of the Biden administration unfold has been like watching the first few scenes of a dystopian science fiction film in which they lay out how the tyrants gained power.

The mainstream media has been fawning over their successfully installed Dear Leader, barely feigning to acknowledge the many glaring issues with his presidency, his foreign policy, his family ties to our biggest global adversaries who just so happen to be heinous human rights abusers that keep millions living under oppression in an already realized and very real dystopia.

Speaking to the end of the G7 Summit this week, Dear Leader President Biden addressed his fellow globalists with a rousing endorsement of the America Last agenda.

His speech, by the way, was filmed from an unknown location at an unknown time, which doesn’t seem to have concerned the mainstream media.

The Gateway Pundit noted that “Liberals and communists around the world hated President Trump’s America First policies.”

“These individuals thought the US was a country to be pillaged and destroyed, not one to lead the world in freedom, strength, and compassion. But now these elites and communists are at ease, Joe Biden is supposedly running things and is aligned with those against the US,” they explained.

If you thought it seemed like the global elite were on the verge of launching their New World Order ahead of 2016…just think what it’s going to be like this time around.

Like Obama before him, Biden bowed deeply to our European counterparts, assuring the world he would no longer be concerned with protecting the interests of his own nation and its borders and would happily hop on board European-style globalist rule.

“Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear – an America that pats you on the shoulders, that doesn’t criticize or demand,” the German Der Spiegel magazine noted.

Breitbart noted that Biden assured French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that our nation is now “determined to reengage with Europe, to consult with [them], to earn back our position of trusted leadership.”

More like, let Europe—and anyone else on the globe seeking to influence our domestic affairs—lead us by the nose again.

Speaking to reporters on Biden’s comments, Merkel expressed pleasure that the new administration would seek to renter the Paris Climate, the Iran deal, and the WHO which she sees as signs of “important steps toward more multilateral cooperation.”

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, emphasized what he said is a need on the part of the U.S. to restore “the rules-based international order,” saying, “A strong partnership needs strong partners.”

Biden, in turn, is a weakling, who is handing our country over to the interests of others.

President Donald Trump made it clear to the encroaching powers that be that the U.S. was no longer willing to be used as a cash cow and hired muscle for our allies and our enemies to infiltrate our nation and walk all over us.

President Joe Biden is interested only in preserving the influence of the aspiring totalitarians who are trying to flood our nation with Marxism, statism, and post-Christian humanist ideals.

This is why they were so desperate to get him into office—Trump had already ruined their carefully laid plan once. They weren’t going to let it happen again.

But only time will tell if they will ultimately be successful—nationalists of the U.S. and Europe need to make their voices heard while they still have them.

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  1. And now …. the entire universe is laughing at the USA … a Dirtbag was fraudulently, and illegally placed as POTUS … never in America’s history has a braindead a$$ hole of this magnitude arrived in that position by a coup of corrupt and rotten commie-traitors of the USA. The sooner this stooge dies, the better for the entire world.

  2. Creepy Joe is pushing this in the so called “Equality Act”:

    “That text indicates the privacy of girls in public facilities, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms, would no longer be honored.

    Boys who identify as, or claim to be, girls could compete on girls’ athletic teams, take showers with them in public school locker rooms, and sleep in their hotel rooms when their teams are on the road.”

    This is Biden’s perverted definition of “equality” ?

  3. It’s about over. We didn’t last as long as the roman empire but are dying by the same causes of rampant corruption. Isle of Man looks like a refuge for me. We have no Constitution. CJ Roberts is a joke, Thomas would be excellent. Not going to happen. It’s all over.

  4. Recall him just like Newsome I’m sure there won’t be an issue getting the signatures. Then hold him accountable for his dealings with Russia and China for starters

  5. Folks, If we survive and that is a big if the BIDEN administration the damage he leaves behind him may be unrepairable, We are now going back into the ditch that President Trump dugs us out of, Joe Biden does not nor has EVER HAD Americas best interest at heart, Many years ago members of his own party stated that Joe Biden was by FAR NOT THE SMARTEST PERSON SERVING IN CONGRESS and we are seeing the truth of those statements now, The real danger is that he is now in a much more dangerous position one that will destroy our country, 2022 we have to remove his support from Congress and stop his SOCIALIST RADICAL AGENDA, The question is CAN WE HOLD HIM IN CHECK FOR TWO YEARS?DONT expect any help from the Judicial system or congress they have completelly caved to the Radical Left including Republicans(rinos) This president is even MORE RADICAL than his former Boss.

  6. It is a comfort to know that the likes of Biden, Soros, Pelosi and even Adam Schiff will all pass away, but God IS from before the beginning of time for eternity and the gates of Obama’s hell cannot prevail against Him. How foolish for them to choose to serve death rather than Light.

  7. This is not what the legal votes voted for, but the illegal votes put in office. There is NO authority given these criminals within the Constitution to give our country away without our consent. We have not and DO not give our consent.

  8. Only one word for the creep masquerading as a President — TRAITOR. I know it will not happen, but he needs to the impeached NOW!



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