Biden Departs Plane In Tampa — Waves At Empty Field! (Video)

The hits just keep coming!

(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden traveled to Tampa, Florida today where Trump supporters came out by the hundreds to welcome him to Florida.

And Joe Biden was caught waving to an empty field when he landed.

There was no one there.

Trump Supporters Line The Streets To Greet Joe Biden In Tampa, Florida – Zero Biden Supporters! (Video)

Trump supporters lined the streets to greet Joe Biden ahead of his arrival in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday.

There were ZERO Biden supporters.

77-year-old Joe Biden on Tuesday boarded a flight to Tampa, Florida in a desperate move to reach out to the Latino community.

This is the first time Joe Biden is visiting Florida since he decided to hide in his basement more than 6 months ago.

Biden will be holding a veterans roundtable event in Tampa then he will head over to Kissimmee to pander to the Latino community.

Trump supporters waved ‘Trump 2020’ flags and held signs that said “Socialism Destroys Freedom.”


The same thing happened to Biden last week when he arrived in Michigan.

As Biden arrived in Michigan, he was greeted by a crowd of….Trump supporters!

Trump supporters waved American flags and Trump 2020 flags chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!”   


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