Bath & Body Works Manager No Longer Working At Store After Yelling “F*ck Donald Trump!” At Customer Wearing Trump 2020 Face Mask (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – A Scottsdale, AZ Bath & Body Works manager is no longer working at the company after cursing at a customer wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ face mask.

Bath & Body Works is a retailer under the L Brands umbrella that sells body lotions, body wash, candles and other personal care products.

Jeremiah Cota, a Director of Strategic Initiatives for AZ Trump Victory, said he was accosted by a Bath & Body Works manager on Thursday simply for wearing a Trump face mask.

“She yelled at me “F—- Donald Trump” while I was simply walking by the store,” Jeremiah said.

The manager named Karren confirmed she yelled “F*ck Donald Trump” when Jeremiah confronted her.

“Yeah, because that’s how I feel,” the manager smugly said with her hands on her hips.


Bath & Body Works reached out to Jeremiah Cota on Twitter in response to the viral video with over 5.6 million views.

“We’d like the opportunity to speak with you about your experience, Jeremiah. Please DM us your phone number and best time to contact you. Thank you!” Bath & Body Works said.

According to the Arizona Republic, the manager suffering from a bad case of TDS is no longer working for the company.

A Bath and Body Works employee at the center of a viral video taken at Scottsdale Fashion Square is no longer working for the company after swearing at a customer for wearing a mask supporting President Donald Trump.

In an emailed statement to The Republic, Bath and Body Works confirmed that it connected with Cota to share its “deepest apologies.”

“We absolutely do not condone these actions as all customers should be treated with respect,” the statement read.

The company wrote that the employee, whose name was not released, was no longer employed by them but did not immediately respond to The Republic’s question as to whether she was fired or quit.


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