Bad Idea: The Same Platform That Booted Parler Is Now Vying To Run The Defense Department’s Cloud Systems

( Exclusive) – Last week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) in apparent tandem with decisions on the part of Facebook and Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump’s respective accounts on their networks, told Twitter competitor Parler they’d be removing the platform from their servers.

Using the same reasoning as the Democrats’ last-minute push to impeach Trump, the tech giants all pointed to “incitement of violence” on the part of POTUS and his supporters on the Parler platform.

Now, the very same company is petitioning the State Department to run the Pentagon’s Defense System.

Back in July, Infowars notes they reported that Amazon had banned a documentary, ironically, aimed at raising awareness about censorship called “Killing Free Speech.”

Now, AWS is petitioning the courts to be awarded a competitive JEDI contract.

Then we saw last week that Amazon Web Services (AWS) kicked Parler off its web servers, shutting the platform down.

Defense Systems reports that “Amazon Web Services is taking another run at getting the court to set aside the Pentagon’s 10-year, $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract award to Microsoft.”

The latest proposal from the web giant is tens of millions of dollars less than what had been offered by competitor Microsoft, according to an updated lawsuit filed in the Court of Federal Claims.

The bid was updated while the case was on remand. AWS also accused the Defense Department’s choice of being reflective of the antagonisitic relationship between President Donald Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“[T]hese errors did not occur in a vacuum,” the lawsuit states. “Instead they can be best explained as the latest manifestation of President Trump’s determination to steer the JEDI contract away from AWS.”

The contract was originally awarded to Microsoft in October of 2019 after proposals were requested in the summer of 2018 following the development of the single-award enterprise cloud contract the year prior.

The revised complaint, released with redactions on December 15th, is dated October 23rd.

The DOD publicly announced they’d be re-awarding the contract to Microsoft on September 4th.

Think about this: do we really want a company that selectively silences certain ideological groups with a partisan bias having anything at all to do with our defense systems?

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  1. Why is the defense department putting information on anyone else’s cloud. The cloud is not secure. Microsoft just had it’s cloud hacked. Our government should create a division that owns its own cloud servers. We should create our own security for our own system. We can no longer let our secrets be stolen.

    Why would we be so silly as to put this on a Amazon system. Amazon has made it clear that they do not care for citizens rights in this country. They only care about money. I my mind that makes they a security risk. Will they use this to force our congress to treat them special. As a citizen I am completely against giving Amazon any government contract that includes security issues. I am also against giving any big tech company this type of contract. They have all proven they can not be trusted.

  2. Are all of you left wing trash are as stupid as John Smith too ? Kinda explains today’s progressive liberal filth in our country doesn’t it ?

    • Hey John: For you it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. – Abraham Lincoln

  3. We’ll never have honest elections again. The Dems have got it down to a science now, and they won’t give it up without a whole lot of destruction, the likes of which we saw not at the capital, but all around the country with burning, looting, and breaking up small business owners’ locations! Those were REAL riots. Funny. They’ve stopped now. Guess their masters have gotten their way. Now they’re forming “lists” to silence the 74 million. Have we learned NOTHING from history?

  4. Not only that but it wouldn’t surprise me if by “accident” the cloud site is later hacked by the Chinese. I don’t believe you can trust any of the big tech companies since they all seem driven by anti American ideology.

  5. Bezo trzllu turned into the biggest bastard ever. Microsoft won the project. The pos can’t stand losing. Let him take hid hohoho snd fade into the sunset. Biggest pos ever.

  6. The powerful play the people like cards. The fear of this virus is driving this country into accept the abandonment of all for which this country was established. Again I ask what happened to the medication that has been curing this virus within the first few days keeping people out of the hospitals without the need of hospitalization. The publishing of the positive results is not allowed by the left and the doctors who have seen by the use of this drug are harassed and often silenced. This medicine which has reportedly been in use for 65 years DOES WORK. BUT that would destroy the power of the pandemic and the power of the left to manipulate our lives and society. hydroxychloroquine is a successful therapeutics solution for this disease and our lives could get back to normal within days.BUT as stated before the covid-19 virus is a handy excuse to cancel life as we have known it and give the left the reins of government. It was used to give excuse to set up the election for the theft of our country. But it is bashed by the left for a reason, and not a reason intent on saving lives.

    • You said it all. My question is, how can anyone be ok with a man who is senile, can’t even remember what he’s running for, can’t recall what city he’s in, and can’t form a coherent sentence — having his finger anywhere NEAR that nuclear button?! Gads, people! Are we all that crazy to have allowed this to happen?

  7. why is any outside company even remotely close to running something that crucial to our national security? That should be in house with well vetted individuals to run it independently of outside influences


  9. Move over Venezuela. Here we come into the banana republic basket. We used the same voting machines that made Venezuela the debilitating country it is today. A rich in resources country now run by criminals, now a poverty ridden mess.

    • We need to send the democrats thank you letters for sending us into the corruption run, poverty ridden path.

    • With the caravans already being rounded up south of the border, the southern states will be getting over-run by the end of this month already.


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