Ayanna Pressley: Women Still Shackled In 2020; ‘Constitution Is Sexist By Its Very Design’

(Breitbart) – Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) spoke on the House floor Wednesday in support of a bill to extend the expired deadline for states to ratify the controversial Equal Rights Amendment, claiming during her speech that women are still in “shackles” and that the “Constitution is sexist by its very design.”

“Today I rise to affirm the humanity and the dignity of all women,” Pressley said. “I rise in strong, unapologetic, righteous support of H.J. Res. 79, which will strike the arbitrary deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment that should already be the law of the land.”

“Women are strong, hard-working, bright, and resilient. We are the backbones of our families, our communities, and our democracy,” Pressley said. “We do not live in checked boxes. We live in an intersectionality of lived experiences and identities.”

“Our issues are everyone’s issues because our destinies are all tied,” Pressley said. “Tomorrow’s vote on H.J. Res. 79 is a vote for the preservation of our collective humanity.”

She went on to say in her remarks that women are paid less than men and that this is especially true for minority women. And that women have historically and still do today face discrimination that supporters say the Equal Rights Amendment would fix.

“In addition to pay discrimination, we face pregnancy discrimination — discrimination in the criminal legal system, sexual and domestic violence, and inadequate healthcare access,” Pressley said.

“But this isn’t an accident,” Pressley continued. “The American Constitution is sexist by its very design.”

“This country’s laws have historically treated [women] like second-class citizens, depriving us of the right to vote, enter most jobs, and to own property,” Pressley said. “While some of those injustices may cease to exist, we still face tremendous barriers to our full participation in society.”

“With tomorrow’s vote we have an opportunity to right this country’s wrong,” Pressley said.

Pro-life conservatives, including the late Phyllis Schlafly whose efforts effectively killed the Equal Rights Amendment, oppose it because it is not just about women’s equality but codifying abortion on demand:

National Right to Life is strongly opposed to adding the 1972 ERA language to the U.S. Constitution, because it would provide a powerful legal weapon with which to challenge virtually any limits on abortion, and to require unlimited government funding of abortion.

On Thursday, the House passed the bill Pressley supported on a 232–183 vote.

“We are on the brink of history, and no deadline should stand in the way,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said.

The bill is expected to face challenges both constitutionally and from conservative lawmakers.



  1. We have known that cultural Marxists like her, and feminism itself seek to destroy our Constitution (and our Country).

    If you vote for ANY DEMOCRAT, this is what you are voting for.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  2. I wonder if she ever heard of an empowered woman about whom they recently made a movie – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As a Supreme Court justice she gave her opinion on this issue. She said the time for it expired long ago.

  3. I don’t that many would give a roaring rosy red ratsass if this ignoramus got her wig and coat and left on the next flight out to wherever.

  4. The bald headed woman at top of page has turned me against the ERA. I was for it since its origin, because I’m for equal pay. I still believe in our Constitution and do not want to be a “shackled” woman as the bald-headed woman describes. Although I live modestly and worked 2 – 3 jobs until my retirement at age 75, I have never been a drama queen in describing women’s issues. Please, Democrats, teach young women in an empowerment fashion – not an enabling one (as if we have to be rescued from some bad influence)!

    • She does not know the Quran Allah holds Mary as the prime example of how women in the Muslim World should act. A Man can only care for as many wives as he has ability and the young girls must be protected after they bleed to avoid evil men.Marriages are arranged to prosper

  5. I Know many women who are strong independent and do not need anyone man or women not even the Government to tell them they have rights. Only people both women and men who want to use them, put them down or blame the constitution or laws. Real Strong capable women know who they are. They are intelligent and capable of doing things that men can’t do but they also know there are some things that only men can do. Real men know this too and respect and treat women as a partner (equal). My wife is one amazing woman and my equal partner. Only a fool degrade women and use women like the Progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party. They belittle women and blame it on everybody else when they are using them for political gain. They do the same thing for minorities and illegals. Sadly they don’t really care about them and will use them, when done throw them under the bus.

  6. Intersectionality of identities says it all. Men cannot be women. Period. Actual women are not shackled. After all, she got into congress and is free to stand up and talk that nonsense. Her very existence debunks everything she is griping about.

  7. When this kind of nutty woman talks like that-and there are a lot of them nowadays!!!!-it makes me feel happy that I am not like that. What a load,of hogwash she and other lefties talk. It does not further the cause of women, it actually hinders them. In my country we have a few of those (and they are white) and they are vying for leadership of our labour party. They dont have a chance in hell of winning by virtue of the utter drivel, like this woman, that they talk. They actually think they are superior and smart, but they are stupid and if elected to positions of power like this pressley woman is, they will destroy everything in their wake. It is quite sad.


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