Awesome: How Republican Activists Plan To Take Down Networks With Misleading Election Coverage

( Exclusive) – If anything, the 2020 election has been a dirty, crooked media manufactured political victory.

And it’s a victory that could soon be snatched away from the hysterical, deceptive, plotting Deep State establishment.

That’s because when Republicans lose, they don’t flock to the streets to riot, loot, burn, and wage wars on police.

They don’t cry hysterically and threaten to leave the country.

They don’t decry their nation as literally white supremacist and spend the next four years lying about, slandering, and even directly plotting against a sitting president.

They put their nose to the grindstone and get to work.

Whether its rooting out voter fraud, “irregularities,” or media deception, conservatives are far better prepared for the political battle before us than our counterparts on the left are, and they’re not going to know what hit them.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Republican activists and concerned citizens have begun filing Federal Communications Commission complaints against networks who have begun referring to former Vice President Joe Biden as the “president-elect” of the contested 2020 election.

It has been clear since just a few short hours into Election Night coverage that the networks and the media were going to do whatever they could to fabricate the impression that Biden had been the victor of the highly consequential election, which was carried out in the middle of an ongoing pandemic that has, among other things, thrown a wrench in the gears of an already messy and fraud-prone voter system.

If the media were doing their job as the free press that citizenry can rely upon to get the clear, undiluted truth of political battles and statements, they’d be covering this election as it was: a messy, fraud and error-ravaged outcome that the incumbent President has called into question and filed several lawsuits to contest the results of elections in the several key swing states where there just so happen to have been so many reports of fraud.

Instead, they are lying so hard it may constitute an FCC violation.

As Maria Viti of the “Riot Coverage Crew” organization, explained in a tweet, “the media can make projections for each state but have no legal authority to call a state until the state election results are certified.”

There are several states in which the very close results of the election are being challenged by lawsuits or subject to recounts or investigations, so technically, this election is far from being called. No matter what the Biden campaign and his sycophants in the corporate media complex tell you.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. There needs to be a law passed that says the MEDIA CAN NOT even report a single vote till all polls are closed. They were calling States when not even 50% of votes were in. They called some when only 1% was in. They start calling things before before the polls are closed and announce a winner before the Voting is done in Alaska or Hawaii.

  2. Bravo, dear Americans!

    Don’t be overwhelmed by the communist plague !
    Greetings from Romania ! We, Romanians, also need a free and prosperous America, a guarantor of freedom for all people and all countries that want it !

    Only with your help and that of Trump will we be able to get rid of the globalist and progressive octopus in which communism was disguised in the world, in your country, but also in Bucharest !
    God bless Trump and you, the real Americans!

  3. I stopped listening to MSM some time ago. They don’t do their job, which is report news. Instead, they lie, sensationalize and present biased opinion in place of facts. This is what happens when one party controls the news media and big tech. It’s a fact. There was a time in recent years when they at least tried to appear impartial, but in more recent months, they haven’t even tried to hide their motives! It’s beyond shameful. It’s treasonous. At some point, the media and big tech must be held responsible for their actions or our republic is lost.

  4. Large headlines… Biden Wins in my Lancaster PA biased newspaper. But teeny headline on Veterans Day and showing teeny tiny American flags.
    Pray this ends like the incorrect DEWEY WINS headlines after WW2!

  5. Yes arrest all the media sites like fnn, abc, mnsbc, nbc, twitter, facebook instagram dicttok and all the other fake news media sites send them all to jail so biden and Harris and all the democratic party will have some convicts to tell each other about their coup attempt against the sitting President Donald Trump adminstration and don’t forget about chuck schumer and Nancy pelosi and all the other luntics in the lying crooked corrupt untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party.

  6. I think this USA has been brainwashed with the votes toward Mr. Biden. I find him as one of the lowest examples of mankind available. A total mess. His attitude is bad. His looks are worse and his ability to lead is nonexistent. He needs to retire to the basement where he came. Our current President Donald Trump is truly an All Time Hero! One in 100 Trillion! He should remain Our Dearest President Forever! He is just too Wonderful for Words to Express!

  7. “The Gateway Pundit reports that Republican activists and concerned citizens have begun filing Federal Communications Commission complaints against networks who have begun referring to former Vice President Joe Biden as the “president-elect” of the contested 2020 election.”
    Seems to be a much better way to protest than to riot and loot! Totally legal and a very good idea to reform the media.

    • The problem is that we have been filing complaints agist the fraudulent reporting of the main street news since Obama’s influence on them, and complaints against Media Matters which appears to be the central news feed to the corrupt main street news outlets.
      “Media Matters for America is a politically left-leaning 501, nonprofit organization which acts as media watchdog for scrutinizing right-leaning media outlets. MMfA was founded in 2004 by journalist and political activist David Brock as a counterweight to the conservative Media Research Center.”

      Their actual function as compared to what they have as tax exempt organization is a violation of their tax exemption status.

      If you want to complain, file a complaint with the IRS and the FCC about the Media Matters.

  8. If President Trump’s term in office has done anything for which to be praised it is the revealing the crud in office, in business (tech and wall street) as well as in the low life’s in media which follow their predecessor the snake who lied and mislead the first humans in the garden.

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