Author Lee Smith: Barack Obama Interfered With The Peaceful Transfer Of Power To President Trump (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Lee Smith the author of the best-seller, “The Plot Against the President,” joined Jeanine Pirro on Justice for Judge Jeanine on Saturday night.

Smith told Judge Jeanine that Barack Obama interfered with the peaceful transfer of power after Donald Trump won the election in 2016.

Since Trump’s victory in November 2016 the Democrat deep state has been pushing a constant attempted coup against this historic president.

Via Justice with Judge Jeanine.


  1. A lot of the ideas presented on these comments up to mine are so profound (in my opinion) but the main reason all of the things happening is due to the fact that millions of us, the bulk of American population works for governments! And most of us are “pro” public institutions from the smallest village to the USA government! At all levels there are so many different agencies, the education system, medical institutions, prisons, and on and on. Most of the people working on all of these places are making a living working for a public/government/democratic organization that feel threatened by the “private” sector representatives elected to govern. That lead to the elections of democrat/socialist representatives in most of the elections. Then the elected democratic/socialist reps “chose” the “professional” working in all agencies. That closes the “circle” every time and gets thicker and more powerful and unbreakable after all!

  2. Why are we not holding the pimp Obama accountable for his treasonous actions against our President? You notice when the corrupt left Democrats begin their assault, first they attempt to take Trump down by weaponizing the CIA, DOJ, FBI, IRS to begin the most egregious assault on any President. Step two take down and diminish his selected aids that are successful instrumentally on caring out the wishes of President Trump. Wake up America your government is a corrupt deep insider mechanism that drills a hole in the center of our Democratic way of life. Control and power is their game. We pray that the AG will bring these SOB’S to justice and clean up the refuse in our United States government. Remember these are deep rooted and President Trump while taking the oath promised the American people he would clean it up. We the American people must help him defeat the corrupt lobbyists the Pimp Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, George Soros , Michael Bloomberg’s, the Clinton Crime family and other who are working tireless to disrupt his agenda. The United Nations speech was outstanding to address the global concerns which was by Pelosi to make it insignificant to the general public and world by continuing their impeachment agenda. Now his meeting on the global economy now again now begin the impeachment all over again. We need a revolution to march on Washington and literally drag out those politicians and put them on public trial. The disease that plagues our government is deep seated and is extremely dangerous. Think about the media who with their propaganda supporting the corrupt democrats who own them. If you think this is nothing just let them continue to destroy this wonderful country and you with it.

    • Obama’s interfering with transfer of power to Trump is a treasonous act but the Democrats aren’t going to charge or convict one of their own even if it’s a major felony and crime. That’s evident as none of their party has been sentenced to jail or prison for wrongdoing. Explains the impeachment sham going on.

    • Don’t count on anything substantive to come from Horowitz. His position is basically weak. No matter what his findings, they go to the accused for review before he finalizes his report. Those findings will have been “cleansed” of any substantive allegations. The Durham investigation may be more effective as he has convened a grand jury, but that process will take time to resolve. Some of the perpetrators may be dead before the process comes to fruition.

  3. I and millions of Americans knew that Obama set out to destroy American Democracy when he was elected with millions of illegal b as ballots. He was escorted into place by George Soros and World Order. It is amazing that the smartest people in the world went foolish by a socialist with aimed on destroying America! We can thank God that Trump was ordained and beat the evil of the world by Gods divine will to save America against its stupid self!

  4. The Obama regime is/was replete with administrative malfeasance and corruption. Obama still believes that he is still in charge (what balls he has!). Judgment Day may be coming, but the people are going to collect their pound of flesh FIRST!


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