As She Travels To Meet The Queen, Washington Post Hack Attacks First Lady Melania Trump Over Coat She Wore For White House Christmas Decorations

(Gateway Pundit) – The Washington Post attacked First Lady Melania Trump Monday for wearing a coat she while unveiling the White House Christmas decorations.

The article was published as the First Lady flew with her husband President Trump to London where she is set to meet Queen Elizabeth at a NATO summit reception at Buckingham Palace.

Petty doesn’t begin to describe the Post hit by longtime fashion critic Robin Givhan.

“Perspective: Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations are lovely, but that coat looks ridiculous…”

Excerpt via SFGate which picked up the syndicated column.

First lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations in a gauzy video in which she strolls through the public rooms marveling at their holiday luster. She gingerly adjusts a single red rose in a lush floral swag draped over a mantelpiece and delicately sprinkles glittery faux snow on one of the many white-decorated trees. The theme this year is “The Spirit of America” and the dominant color is wintry white with festive bursts of holiday red. It’s all quite lovely. So there’s that.

For her tour, Trump wears all white: a dress with a simple jewel neckline, white stiletto-heeled pumps and a white coat. The coat is draped over her shoulders as she strolls through the White House.

The coat looks ridiculous.

But more than a silly fashion folly, the coat is a distraction. It’s a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme. In a video that is intended to celebrate the warmth and welcoming spirit of the holiday season, that simple flourish exudes cold, dismissive aloofness.

After going on and on about the coat, Givhan closes with a nasty shot at Melania over her recent speech in Baltimore on opioid abuse where she was booed by school children.

Trump is keen on coats. In 2018, she used the graffiti on the back of a Zara coat to deliver the fashion equivalent of machine gunfire to all who caught a glimpse of it when she made a trip to visit detained migrant children: “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” Last week, when she spoke to students in Baltimore on the opioid crisis, she wore a brown trench coat buttoned up to her neck, giving it the look of a fencing jacket. She did not look at ease in the situation – and who could blame her after the president had insulted the city as “rodent infested” and “filthy?” Trump, who was booed, resembled a woman who pays a visit to someone’s home and refuses their invitation to “have a seat” because she suspects the chair might be soiled.

Trump rarely delivers long, formal speeches. In the realm of politics, her casual remarks are notably brief. She is most voluble using the language of aesthetics. She has asked that she be judged on what she does rather than what she wears. But as both a host and a guest, her attire would be less attention-grabbing if she took off her coat and indicated that she was happy to stay a while.

Perhaps Ms. Givhan was triggered by the close up of Mrs. Trump’s wedding ring in the White House video?

BTW, is the Gateway Arch in the White House decorations a nod to The Gateway Pundit? We’d like to think so.


  1. You want her to take off her coat and stay awhile? Why would she want to entertains embarrassing journalist wannabes. Would be nice to see some actual journalism, something with integrity, until then I guess I’ll keep my coat on and comments aesthetic also.

  2. Will it ever end? They have trashed his wife, his children, and him, There is NO DEPTH to how low these people will go, The first lady has more class than any of them. How sad we have reached a point that even the news media has no class, The liberals and the democrats have reached the bottom and now have started digging another hole to go even deeper, The will pay the price in 2020

  3. I think she looks fabulous especially in that setting, which is so beautiful.
    Really, I am SOOOOOO sick and tired of these petty people and their cruel criticisms which mean NOTHING to people who are trying live good lives. I hope Milania includes this “journalist” in her prayers ‘cos God knows they need some help.

  4. You have to realize that designers refused to have Melania wear their degrading clothes like they did for Michelle Obama who looked like her clothes were off the rack so when the First Lady looks elegant and classy, no one can take accolades on her clothes. Just sour grapes. The Washington Rag Post is only good to line a trash can. As for toilet paper, no, my butt is way to good for that as others have stated.

  5. I use the Washington Post for toilet paper that’s all its worth. Melania Trump is a Classy Lady and I’m proud to have her as our First Lady.


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