As City Crumbles And Violence Soars Mayor De Blasio Helps Paint Black Lives Matter In Front Of Trump Tower In NY City (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray joined activists on Thursday to paint Black Lives Matter on the street in front of Trump Tower.

De Blasio does this as violence soars in his city and businesses are still locked down.

What an oaf.

This guy is truly pathetic.

For the record, President Trump has done more to lift black lives in the United States than any other president since the 1960s.


  1. A sophomoric action by de Blasio who actually belongs in Kindergarten. Really needs to GROW UP. NYC voters helped his idiocy. Tells something of the intelligence level of NYC voters. DUMB!!

  2. At least mayor-de-blasio has found a job he’s almost qualified to perform, spreading shit on the street, the perfect democrat mayor.

  3. This man is two-faced. Pathetic is not the word for him. I don’t feel sorry for him, except that he doesn’t seem to have a very high IQ from the way he acts and speaks. He wants to give President Trump a slap in the face with the street painting and then thinks that the president will send money to him as mayor of NYC. That is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard of. The mayor of NYC doesn’t use common sense.

  4. Well, his wife is Black, so…..
    One thing to remember about all “this”. Honestly, this is NOT a war between “races”. This is a war between good and evil. Between civility and savagery. Between pure and filthy. ALL humans are genetically — basically — same. Some minor genomic differences account for physical variation. We’re all, essentially, “family”. As “Ol Phil” says, it’s about SELF CONTROL. There IS a GOD. One GOD. We will have to ANSWER to Him for what we do and don’t here on this dirt. If we cause pain, we’ll have to answer. If we don’t help when the opportunity appears, yup….we’ll have to answer. And by “answer”, I mean atone for. (Self defense, etc are allowed, of course.) So these mayors who are pandering to and encouraging sin and evil will have to answer. Many claim to “Christian” of one brand or another. Lies. Blasphemy. Hypocrisy. St. Matthew reported that Jesus Christ, The Only Begotten Son Of God, said that it would be better for one who leads [another] into sin to have a MILLSTONE tied ’round his neck and thrown into the depths of the lake [and drown] than to actually lead that innocent to sin. Apparently, these “leaders” haven’t BELIEVED what Jesus told them. So, I guess we need to keep praying that God will get their attention and cause them to change. God Help Us.

  5. Is it any wonder that people are moving out of New York!?! The only problem is that they bring their Socialist, Anti-American believes with them because they are unable to connect the dots and see that the policies and believes endorsed by the Democrat Party are the same ones that are destroying a once great city.

  6. Get rid of this Communist piece of garbage New York, or you will not have a home for much longer! This fool will finish off what was once a wonderful city! The same goes for your murdering degenerate Governor Fredo! Wake up you foolish New Yorkers and grow a pair!

  7. de Blasio is a POS and everyone knows what a POS he really is to NYC. Como is another POS and the two have destroyed the state of NY. They are two rotten Democrats that will cause the city to fall into poverty, high crimes, rape, arson, murder, and the slime ball city of America. There will be more tent cities with homeless people, druggers, and robberies in the Democrat run states and cities.

    Vote for President Trump in Nov 2020 and wipe the Democrats out of the USA

  8. What a true piece of shit… a do nothing Democratic… except to spew racism and division. He HAS to go. OrNew York will be an expensive ghost town run by criminals he protects

  9. WHY isn’t NYC running RECALL elections to KICK this MISERABLE EXCUSE for a FAILED Left WING Mayor (Like ALL Left Wing Politicians) out of OFFICE?!? He needs a CONSERVATIVE boot shoved up his WAZOO. One Inquiring Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Is there somewhere I can rent a vehicle that will spray a coating wide enough to cover that OFFENSIVE RACIST GRAFFITI in one or two swipes???

  11. New Yorkers you have a solution just kick him out of office demand a recall and remove him, If you think your city is going to improve under this loons leadership you are sadly mistaken, What you have in your city is only going to worsen.
    This is just not your Mayor its all across the country, This is the new DEMOCRAT party,Their Mantra is if we cant change it we will burn it down, and if you dont believe as we do then you are Racist. and you must be destroyed as well.


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