Are You Kidding? What About Hillary??? Democrat FEC Chair Releases Statement Criticizing Trump For Suggesting He Might Take Oppo Research From A Foreigner

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(Gateway Pundit) – In a Wednesday ABC News interview President Trump suggested he’d take information from a foreign government on a political rival.

And he added that he may contact the FBI about it, “I think I’d do both.”

The Democrats and their liberal media were outraged and accused the president of criminal intent and treason.

These same Democrat operatives in Washington DC and in the mainstream news said nothing when Hillary Clinton paid for a junk Russian dossier, worked with Ukrainians to obtain dirt on Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and reportedly had foreign intelligence agencies spy on the Trump campaign.

Above: Democrat Ellen Weintraub

On Thursday afternoon Ellen Weintrab, a DEMOCRAT Chair of the Federal Election Commission posted a statement online condemning President Trump for suggesting he may accept oppo research from a foreign government.

Democrat Weintraub was appointed by George W. Bush during a recess appointment.

So where was Weintraub during the 2016 election?

These deep state hacks are so utterly transparent and horribly dishonest.