Are Dead Voters, Late Night Ballot Dumps, And #SharpieGate All Distractions From The Real Fraud?

( Exclusive) – The massive, wide-spread scale of fraud and corruption that took place in the 2020 presidential election really makes one wonder how long our election’s integrity has been compromised.

It’s almost as if all the tricks the Democrats have had up their sleeves were employed this cycle and now it appears it’s all about to come crashing down. They overplayed their hand but they had no choice. They weren’t going to sit by and allow President Trump to win again.

Win he did, however, and now the Democrats are being exposed. The mainstream media will hopefully go down with them as the propaganda they have been spewing is just downright dangerous to our Republic.

The crooked media continues to not only downplay the concerns of fraud during the 2020 election but, in many instances, deny it has happened at all.

There is no denying the fact that the mail-in voting ballots were a complete and utter debacle. It has come to light in many of the key states currently under the microscope, that dead people and people no longer eligible were returning mail-in ballots.

Then you have the suspicion surrounding counting centers in corrupt liberal strongholds like Philadelphia and Detroit. No one really knows what was going on behind closed doors because they were literally blocking out GOP watchers and, in some cases, blocking out windows so the general public couldn’t see inside.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to call this election illegitimate, it turns out the voting software and machines used are corrupt and possibly controlled by foreign bad actors.

The fraudulent votes that were cast in each of these states is much harder to prove and may only account for a small portion of the massive fraud that actually took place. The good news is that the larger portion of the fraud took place via the electronic voting systems and as the Gateway Pundit points out that is where it can be quantified and measured.

One law enforcement official wrote on Twitter that the voting system is actually where the focus should be rather than the smaller instances of fraud such as dead people voting, for example, though those areas are still nonetheless important to investigate and take action on.

Roscoe B Davis suggests that all of the dead voters, closed off counting rooms, and #SharpieGates are nothing more than distractions to keep people busy and not looking into where the real fraud happened and can be proven:

Davis pointed out that the election fraud can most likely be found in the electronic system because the voting machines are not “air-gapped” and are connected to the internet.

Davis says the real fraud is taking place in the tabulation system not the actual voting machines which is where we are being directed to look:

While there was most certainly voter fraud and corrupt practices at play that should be investigated and prosecuted, these were all a well-orchestrated distraction to keep Trump’s team busy while the real fraud actually happened in the voting system.

According to the Gateway Pundit, as of November 7 some people began suspecting that the fraud was actually being managed overseas in Spain or Germany.

The election fraud that took place via illegitimate ballots in each state may total in the thousands, which is not likely going to be substantial enough to turn anything around. The voter fraud that took place in the system, however, accounts for millions of cases of voter fraud. This is where the evidence to disqualify the election results will come from.

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  1. Fraud by democrats are their fellow progressive liberal trash , it’s what they do best folks . From welfare and food stamps to voter fraud …they have the tools !

  2. Try Ocam;s Razor – the simplest answer is usually the correct one. If it looks like fraud, and it acts like fraud and the Democrats say there is not fraud – it’s fraud!

    • The mans going down, personally I can’t wait for it to happens he deserves to be locked up ,
      The mans absolutely pathetic, why can’t he just admit he lost the election, he’s trying to bring down the American people with him ,, he’s been nothing but a nightmare for America

    • Ever notice little weak men named Andrew are queer as a three dollar bill ? They’re absolutely pathetic, can’t admit they’re queer , can’t be trusted .
      Today’s progressive liberal trash are nothing but a nightmare , but , they can be eliminated from the face of the earth .

    • get a life your cult leader LOST FAIR AND SQUARE no matter what half baked imaginary excuses you want to put up as “evidence” of fraud

    • Just like your brown hero Obama queer boy A Fraud ! Who benefits from fraud and other crimes ? Today’s progressive liberal trash just like yourself queer boy .
      Pat yourself on the back if you’re not lazy that is .. queer boy !

    • Low iq is hysterical now. Get comfortable, stooge, because when the TRUTH comes you will need a padded room to contain your meltdown. Stupidity is TDS, and you have it metastasizing.

  3. It was gratifying that a person on OAN mentioned the video clip from 2006 taken in Florida, in which congress people including Maxine Waters were listening to an individual who was explaining how the votes can be switched electronically without anyone knowing unless they read the programming code. This clip was on the internet for some time, People like me screamed at our congress people who would not take notice. The interesting person in the film that was almost giddy was Maxine Watters who repeatedly asked if the switch could be traced or noted.
    The response was always YES. Now we have this fiasco and because our congress people would not listen to us. My Representative who has done nothing about the voter fraud since Terry McAuliffe, who now is reportedly thinking about running for governor again in Virginia, is Rob Wittman. I choke each time he sends e-mails telling me he is working for us.

    • Andrew Morgan Roberts. There is NEVER a “win” when the “win” is gained by theft and deceit. You do not want to understand what Biden and the minds from hell that are pulling his strings as they are attempting to do unless. . . . . you have someone take your house with a false title. Do you say you lost it get over it. Our country has been systematically stolen in increments. Biden says he will “unify” as his thug army intimidate, beat, and kill people into submission. This is the way of thieves, robbers and dictators begin to terrorize a society without impunity, that turned Europe upside down before America went in to quell the demon in Germany. You have a will to be able to understand better, but sadly not wise enough to open your eyes. Spend a day in the Holocaust Museum and learn. If you persist in your ignorance, you willfully deny yourself true understanding.

  4. Let’s see … Should we pity the Rat party stooges that spew BS here? The ones who believe(ed) the propaganda from Biden and his tribe of criminals, and the MSM? Or simply look down on these unfortunate, low IQ folks as the useful idiots they are being used as by the progressive, Rat party?

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