Antifa Domestic Terrorists Defend LGBT Event By Doxing Two Concerned Moms For Their Defense Of Children

( – The LGBT community represents sexual immorality and deviance. The leftist push for this behavior to be normalized has truly brought out the worst in humanity. If you dare pushback against sexual perversion, especially when it’s being aimed at young children, you can expect to be viciously attacked and silenced. The left is a modern day Gestapo, using fear, intimidation and threats as the impetus for total social domination.

Events featuring the perverted and over-the-top LGBT community have turned into circuses and displays of what truly appear to be demon possession. As if the events alone are not disturbing enough, what’s most troubling is the fact that children and teens are the target audience. The entire month of June is now dedicated to sexual debauchery and the left goes out of its way to get in as many events as possible with as much sexual lewdness as they can muster. If you don’t like it, take it up with Antifa, the lefts strong arm.

Two moms in Renton, Washington found out just how violent and aggressive Antifa terrorists can be when they attempted to exercise their First Amendment right and protest a “teen pride” event at Renton Public Library.

“We who have good intentions to protect our children from this indoctrination have become the enemy,” one of the moms who’s now being targeted by Antifa is quoted as saying.

“When we went out to the parking lot … We’re standing there talking and this man was photographing us. He started yelling at us and filming us and he said, ‘I’m putting your picture on Twitter. I’m filming your license plate. I’m going to make sure everybody knows who you are, you hateful bigot,’” another of the moms told The College Fix about what happened after the event.

“And then we were surrounded and there are four men filming us and they are kind of circling us like wolves.”

The two moms were physically escorted from the event by law enforcement. Let that sink in. Two moms were protesting the sexual grooming and abuse of children and teens, and at publicly funded establishment, to which law enforcement responded by forcing them to leave. This is 2019 America, folks.

The police were apparently backed up by Antifa domestic terrorists who are now trying to “dox” the two women. The term dox means to dig up any and all personal information on someone and blast it out all over social media with the intent of encouraging other like-minded lunatics to harass, threaten, bully, and otherwise make life miserable for the target. Apparently defending children from perverted drag queens and pedophiles is deserving of public shaming. Should you decide to take a stand for what is right you face the possibility of losing your rights to liberty and freedom of speech as well as personal safety.

I mean, why would anyone want to defend children and teens from these events, with scenes as described in a report by Evil.News:

At this “teen pride” event, multiple drag queens, meaning men dressed up as a women, were featured in a “scantily clad” outfits engaging in “pornographic dance sessions.” Other embodiments of LGBTQ were also present handing out “pamphlets describing extreme and violent sexual acts,” including one that “encouraged children to experiment with bondage.”

Shocking video footage captured by one of the moms shows a drag queen licentiously stripping in front of underage children and gyrating on the floor, to loud bursts of cheers and applause. In another even more shocking display, a drag queen was captured screeching and howling on all fours, exposing children to an undeniable display of demonic possession.

If you think that sounds totally depraved and inappropriate to expose children too, you are a hateful bigot! And a racist, just for good measure. For all we know, you hate immigrants and capitalism too! YOU are the problem with America.

Or so the left would have us to believe. We sane, rational thinking people obviously know the truth. The left is completely unhinged and it really doesn’t seem like there is any hope of them ever turning back to reality.

If you are disgusted by the left and the tactics of Antifa, stand up and speak out. Don’t allow their bullying and intimidation to keep you quiet any longer. We have to take the fight to them and pushback just as much as they are pushing us to accept sexual deviance and perversion as good and normal especially for the sake of our children.


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