Another Week, Another Ratings Collapse At Far-Left CNN, MSNBC

(Breitbart) – Far-left MSNBC and CNN lost nearly a third of their respective primetime audiences when compared to this same week last year, reports TVNewser.

While Fox News only lost five percent of its already mammoth primetime audience last week, MSNBC collapsed by an incredible 31 percent, while CNNLOL lost more than a quarter of its viewers, 26 percent.

In total day, Fox lost just eight percent of viewers, compared to MSNBC’s collapse of 27 percent and CNNLOL’s 19 percent crater.

Obviously, the big news around Hurricane Dorian did not convince people to tune into two news outlets that have lost all of their credibility, even among tens of millions of Democrats who do not support President Trump.

What’s more, as you will see in the numbers below, Fox News is attracting almost as many viewers as CNNLOL and MSNBC combined.


Fox News: 2.215 million

MSNBC: 1.408 million

CNNLOL: 869,000

Total Day:

Fox News: 1.313 million

MSNBC: 833,000

CNNLOL: 665,00

In all of cable TV during the primetime hours, Fox news came in second last week, behind only EPSN. MSNBC slid into third, while CNNLOL dropped to ninth, losing to the Hallmark Channel, HGTV, The Learning Channel, and Investigative Discovery.

Throughout the day, Fox News came in first place in all of cable, MSNBC was second again, and CNN managed to barely beat Nickelodeon for a seventh place finish.

You would think that with the Democrat Primary well under way, a couple of far-left outlets devoted 24/7 to politics could not lose, but lose they are — and bigly.

MSNBC has still not recovered from the debunking of its three-year Russia Collusion Hoax and CNN is so monotonously dull with its fake news and hatred for Trump, even Democrats are staying away in droves.

My guess is that at least half of CNN’s regular viewers are Republicans who enjoy all the hate-watching.

An additional problem is that neither of these so-called news outlets do news anymore. It’s all roundtable, left-wing punditry — hour after monotonous hour of the same people saying the same things. If you want to know what’s going in the country or world, you will never find out on CNNLOL or MSNBC, unless the event can be spun into a negative for Trump. Those actually interested in news have to get online and read alternative media, like Breitbart News.

Hilariously, just last week, CNN’s Jim Sciutto (a former Obama official, naturally) — and a documented purveyor of fake news — tried to do some original reporting, but once again he was discovered to be a liar.


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