Amy Coney Barrett Deciding Vote On Ruling That Favors Religious Freedom — Leftists Target Her Immediately

( Exclusive) – While who will be occupying the White House after January 20th remains to be officially determined, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court isn’t going anywhere.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett was appointed and confirmed by Trump within a month and a half of the November 3rd election, ensuring POTUS 45’s legacy would remain on the court no matter what the outcome of the presidential race.

This week, she became the deciding vote on a 5-4 ruling that sided with religious organizations challenging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship and Orthodox Jewish communities.

Hopefully, this is just a small taste of many such rulings that will restore religious freedom, the right to life, and individual autonomy in the months and years to come.

Of course, like clockwork, the left positively lashed out at the already-hated devoutly Christian originalist judge.

Yup—leftists actually dislike religious freedom for Orthodox Jews these days.

This is how totalitarianism will come to America; and it’s well on its way already. By lockdown-happy leftists who actually advocate for their own constitutional rights to be violated in the name of preventing the spread of a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.


“Verified” Twitter users lashed out at Justice Barrett for the role she played in the court’s decision, some mockingly calling her “Amy Covid Barrett.”

How many of them even bothered to read the decision from the conservative justices who explained articulately and constitutionally that the U.S. Constitution is simply not suspended in the event of a virus?

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  1. The vote was 5-4. Which one of those five votes could be eliminated and not result in a tie? Every one of those 5 votes was a tie breaker.

  2. Barrett just did exactly what they said she would do if put on the SCOTUS, she discriminated in favor of religion, over all else, everyone else has to follow the laws put forth but not churches. That is Religious discrimination at the highest degree, but it also shows the majority that this Justice will put religion first on every issue she rules on and if she does it will be a reason to impeach Barrett, who is suppose to justify her ruling based on prior rulings or Constitutional Law.
    Some seem to think that religion should rule everything, except the Constitution says just the opposite.

    • robert, religious discrimination is exactly what useful idiots and other fools for the left do! Justice Barrett protects the church from discrimination! Read the Constitution again! It does not say freedom from religion, it says we have the right to worship as we please! Atheism is as much a religion as Christianity, Judiaism, or Budaism! People like you are at war with the three above beliefs or anyone who defends them!

    • You can bet Roberts last food stamps he’s the first in the church’s food line for another free meal .
      He’s just more progressives liberal filth and Obama’s bottom feeding loser .

  3. Defending the Constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of assembly are what the SCOTUS is supposed to do. Thank you Amy Coney Barrett for your vote.

  4. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. I’m not a lawyer, but that language seems clear.

    • The point being, keep the government out of establishing or controlling religious beliefs and allow religions to be free of government interference.

  5. the demolibs whole point is to take God out of the Americans everyday life. Christians know that without Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit there is no hope. Faith, hope, and love- it’s the only way through this. But we have to have God.

  6. The Constitution is the law. Some communist governors have no right to restrict religious worship in this country. Covid or no covid, the rights of the people come first. The left are the ones that should be banned!!!

    • The other 4 don’t care about the Constitution nor the rights outlined in that Constitution. I won’t say the rights granted by the constitution because we Conservatives believe these are rights given by the creator. This is one of the principles that set the USA apart from other countries. Other countries believe that rights are granted by the government – No Matter How Corrupt That Government is!

  7. Of course the willful, undisciplined and petulant child will strike out and rebel against the wise boundaries of the limits provided by the parent’s guidance. The democratic party is the wanton child.

  8. The people who are so critical of justice Barrett’s vote evidently have not read the first amendment . The fact that this case had to be ruled upon is a clear indication that either these people have not read the Bill of Rights, are illiterate or lack the cognitive skills to comprehend the Bill of Rights. No matter they are performing like a 2 year old and throw a tantrum when they do not get their way. What worries me is that there are 4 uninformed justices on the court that also have not read the Bill of Rights, are illiterate or lack the cognitive skills to comprehend the Bill of Rights.n It was written in “plain English” so even the uneducated could understand the meaning, so the 4 must be illiterate.

    • They’re not people Miller ,they’re today’s progressive liberal trash who will do anything to anyone to get their way .


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