“Americans Are Tired Of Your Impeachment Scam!” – Dem Impeachment Coup Interrupted By Pro-Trump Protester Owen Shroyer (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – The Democrat impeachment coup got off to a rocky start on Monday.

Right off the bat Jerry Nadler’s hearing was interrupted by a pro-Trump protester!

It was the heroic J. Owen Shroyer who started screaming at Nadler!

Via 100% Fed Up and J. Owen Shroyer:

Owen Shroyer: “You are committing treason. We voted for Donald Trump. Americans are sick of your impeachment scam.”

UPDATE– Owen Shroyer was arrested for interrupting the coup.



  1. I am glad that someone had the balls to stand up. We need more of this. The witnesses should have been sworn in as in any trial. Is he becoming a Comey, like with Hillary the witch? You open your mouth to a question you have to be sworn in. Teach these useless demo lawyers how to be lawyers or give up their license like the Obama did.

  2. How did these stupid demos get into office or even get a lawyers license when they don’t know the rules of running a court case. In order to testify you have to be sworn in regardless of the case. You open your mouth you have to be sworn in to be on the stand and answer questions.
    Get rid of these idiots now before CVll comes about in DC or in their home towns

  3. Mr. Owen Shroyer, had the ‘genital glands’ to tell Nadler he was in charge not of a committee but of a pitiful group of scammers and liars obstructing the work of Congress that is supposed to work for the Americans and undermined the administration for political gain. This cabal of political treasonous liars have brought insult to our Democracy.

  4. Nadler KNOWS that the American People are fed up with ALL his BULLSCHITT!!! Nadler needs to be CHARGED for TREASON…Trying to OVER THROW the sitting President!!!

  5. FINALLY! A man with the gonads to take on the enemy on his own ground! J. Owen Shroyer needs all the morale support which right-thinking Americans can possibly muster in his defense. The man possesses a potential for a successful career in politics, if he wants one.

  6. We the People need to become vocal and counter the lying charges against our President. That’s all we have until we go to the voter booths in 2020.


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