Americans Are Ticked After Cities Run By Dems Stop Counting Votes On Election Day

( Exclusive) – Major Democrat-controlled cities have made it clear that something fishy is going on in the 2020 presidential election by opting to suddenly stop counting their votes on Election Night, which resulted in lots of confusion, frustration, and the lack of a call in the presidential race.

This has never happened before in the history of our nation. The halt in counting has led to much outrage across the United States, especially among Trump supporters, who think that stopping the count had something to do with Trump beating Biden in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Conservative actor James Woods basically summed up the feelings of millions of American voters last night when he asked: “Since when do they just stop counting votes on election day in America?”

Great question.

BizPacReview contributor Samantha Chang writes in her report, “An Arizona-based Trump supporter said: ‘How does Florida, having the 3rd largest population in our country, get their votes counted in a few hours while these other states act like they have no clue what they are doing?’ President Trump decisively won Florida last night, despite the mass influx of liberal New Yorkers to the Sunshine State in recent years.”

“Chris Buskirk, the editor of AmGreatness, offered his opinion, saying it’s obvious to him that Democrats are trying to cheat again, and that’s why they stopped counting the votes in Democrat-run cities,” Chang continued.

Buskirk then posted on Twitter, “Do you see the playbook? It’s the same in every close state. Trump doing well, leading, and they shut down the urban centers to try and pick up the [votes] tomorrow. Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta. It’s transparent.”

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grennel said the halt in vote counting was “very suspicious.”

A follower of his on Twitter responded by saying, “I’m in Bolivia now. Have lived here before. This is exactly how Communists stole the vote here. The Communists were on pace to lose, then they stopped giving updates on votes. Then a couple days later announced they won.”

Fox News anchor Charles Payne delivered a perfect summation of the evening tweeting, “What’s really confusing is the refusal to call races [where] President Trump has sizable leads with over 90% vote count by citing polls. The polls were BS the whole time. To suggest they be used as a tool to ignore the obvious adds (more) injury to insult.”

It really does seem fishy that these counties just decided to stop counting their votes. That should have never been allowed to happen, no matter what the outcome of the election. We as Americans deserve to have the results of our election, on the day of that election, with none of this shady nonsense threatening to undermine our voices.

Here’s to hoping Trump somehow manages to prevail.

Video: Trump speaks from the White House on election night

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  1. The dummycrats stopped counting votes the way “Bob” stopped counting the number of men who have had their johnsons buried deep in “Bob’s” anal cavity…..

  2. Joe Biden quote before the election. “We have put together the largest voter fraud organization in the history of America.” It is on video tape. Look it up.

  3. When a paper ballot is no longer of any use,
    Your constitution is is defiled and meaningless,
    Its time to vote with a rifle and let the bullet decide the outcome.
    This time is diffrent and it will not end in a peaceful presidency for the democrats.
    The pushback will begin and if you thought blm and antifa were bad,an angry ,disenfranchised honest person ,when backed into a corner with no hope of justice will become a monster with an appetite for blood the likes of which the progressive trash has ever seen.

  4. I have never in my life heard such unproven BS. Everything about and voting is observed by all parties involved and in most cases video taped, for transparency, now the vote counting is done by both parties, did you ever wonder why not one Republican party leader in any state has made any such claims as is posted here. Now if there was irregularities in any state why is the Party leaders in that state not voicing those concerns, instead always Conspiracies and rumors abound with not one shred of actual proof.

  5. Time for a muller type investigation and ruin a bunch of democrats lives. time to start throwing these lawbreakers in jail. arrest the head of elections and their staff at 0300 with 30 heavily armed agents. time to fight fire with fire .

  6. Again it needs to be stated and to resound across this country that the country’ choice for president and other offices have been stolen. Being a thief is apparently in vogue for the democrats.They let criminals from other countries come and steal from citizens and it is of no consequence to these democratic thieves, paid by the devil himself Soros. They steal lives when they restrict and down play hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness to save lives. They steal our elections by dumping votes (27 thousand in one dump all for Bidden) to put a dementia patient and a person for president, and a VP who is mentally unstable in forcing communism, a mind set we fought to save Europe. With thievery the foundation of the democratic party, and John Robert being filled and having his mind ruled by his hate for President Trump, our only hope is in God. Pray!


  7. 5 years ago many rap artist and businessmen and more all wanted to be trump or boast that they rubbed elbows with the man. He then becomes president and not he is a cancer to society…

  8. Hallelujah, God has spoken, he’s answered American prayers for the cancer that is “Donald Trump” has has brought wretchedness and misery the the American people, rejoice in the almighty lord . Hopefully he can now be put in the dustbin of history

    • God had nothing to do with it. It was Democrat cheating as always. Why don’t you just move to Venezuela you Communist Satan. Satan has more integrity than the Democrats do. And that includes Democrat voters – they are all ignorant at best, Communist Satanists at worst.

    • Andrew, where is your mind? The democrats work to eliminate God from their platform in 2012 and 2016. He will allow idiots to be idiots for only so long, so don’t hold your breath about God’s blessing on people and policies that ignore Him. The democrats have anointed themselves as gods.

  9. Im not a Pollster or an election analyst but those that claim to be in this country seem to know less than i do
    They were calling elections in states for both Trump and Biden when there were still thousands of votes not yet counted I know they use mathmatical equations to determine winners and losers but it seems they need to take a look at their methods or find more qualified people to make these decisions. It was just a few years ago that NO RESULTS were made public until all poles across the country were closed maybe they need to get back to that
    If you are standing in a voting line and its announced that your candidate has already lost in your state WHY VOTE?

  10. Come On folks .. these are government employees for God’s sake . Can anyone expect they possess any appreciable efficiencies to perform these tasks without bias ? Really ?

  11. …And like always, nothing will ever happen to these people. Fingers get pointed, blame gets thrown around and yet it all ends the same way.

    • Like their hero Obama said ,” electing progressive liberal trash has consequences “, they’ve infiltrated the system, including our once trusted voting system.


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