America-Hating Democrat Ilhan Omar Praises Violent “Uprisings” In Minneapolis And Kenosha To “Fundamentally Change” America (Video)

(Breitbart) – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) released a video Sunday that described more than three months of riots as an “uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression.”

Yes, there’s so much racial oppression and neglect in America, a Muslim immigrant from Somalia can be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a state called Minnesota.

“As we speak, we are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression,” she said while collecting a six-figure salary from a position of enormous power and influence granted to her by a Midwestern state.

“We can’t talk about the protests in Minneapolis or Kenosha … without first looking inward,” she continued.

Then she just started lying…

“We maintain a system that binds millions to desperate poverty, a system that doesn’t provide the most basic necessities, like food, shelter, and medicines,” she added.

“Whether they are brutalized by police, by austerity economics, or by politicians who simply do not care about us, our nation is crying out desperately for change. We need to fundamentally change the way our society treats its most vulnerable because this has gone [on] long enough.”

You know what? Let’s give her some credit for calling this three-plus month terror campaign at the hands of the terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa what it is — an uprising.

I prefer “terrorist uprising led by a mob of over-privileged crybabies,” but at least she’s not gaslighting us like the fake media with this nonsense about “peaceful protests.”

Nevertheless, what we still have here is a U.S. congresswoman legitimizing three-plus months of domestic terrorism, almost all of it aimed at innocent Americans, many of them black. Elected leaders with a national platform normalizing political terrorism is unprecedented, is why every American needs to prepare before it’s too late to prepare.

And then, there’s her garbage about racial neglect and oppression.


Neglect? I don’t even know what that means. There are only two major political parties in America, and one of them is devoted to pandering to the POC. What’s more, the GOP finally has a president looking to earn the black and Hispanic vote.

Yeah, there’s so much racial oppression, white people are pretending to be racial minorities in order to make the bank that comes with all that oppression.

And then, there’s this crap: “a system that doesn’t provide the most basic necessities, like food, shelter, and medicines.”

Our system not only provides all of that on the cuff; our system provides free Internet, cable TV, iPhones, air conditioning, clothes, transportation, libraries, and education.

Unless you’re mentally ill or a hopeless addict, a homeless problem that plagues only Democrat-run cities where Democrats like Omar have full control over everything, there is no one in America who does not live better than the very rich did a mere hundred years ago.

When the biggest medical crisis among the poor is obesity, it’s time to hang up that Mission Accomplished banner and pour one out for poverty.

The only oppression in this country comes after you speak the truths, like the ones I laid out above loud.

The only oppression comes from speaking facts like…

Global warming is a hoax.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.

Tucking it in don’t make you a chick.

If only Ilhan Omar appreciated America as much as her brother.

Guns are good.

I don’t watch movies or TV shows where guys kiss guys.

Hot chicks kissing hot chicks is fine.

Captain Marvel sucked.

Recycling is stupid.

Anyway, 2020 is for all the marbles.

Either this terrorism and blacklisting and lying and smearing of our country wins, or it’s rejected.

Heaven help us all if it wins.


  1. Barry O was the problem and still IS the problem Mr. Community Organizer still causing chaos in this Country funding BLM and Antifa with his Organizing for America non profit foundation along with Soros and all his non profit hate groups. Start there with running these two out of our Country and seizing their assets for acts of terrorism.

  2. Why did this POS come to America if she thinks it’s so bad. Somalia will welcome you back to become someone servent! Omar has been divorced twice since she has been in America, if that happen in Somalia she would be stoned to death! The only people that can complain about America are people who were born here. No one that came hear and became an American from another country can complain about the America’s problems, this person can always renounce thier American citizenship and go back to the hell hole they came from. I say hell hole because Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, china, parts of Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Venezuela, parts of Africa are shit hole or these people never would have left!

  3. Send this Somali ingrate back home and let her exist in a place more conducive to her likes and moral standards.
    First defund her assets and those of her brother/husband. Send him with her.

  4. THE SQUALID SQUAD, who naturally find the best country on planet Earth to be a PRISON because they alone are each an INGRATE INMATE:





    Les Miserables SQUAD vs all us DEPLORABLES!

    Hey, Squad, while America is still a free country, you four INGRATE INMATES are free to leave! Now, git!

  5. A goat with a sheet on, looks just like a Billy before it urinates all over its face, look at the curl on those lips and tell me it isn’t exactly the same

  6. Why is llhan Omar still in congress who used a lie and false justification to be in this country married to her brother? Is it because the majority of those in congress are just as loathsome in character as she is?

    • We can thank the progressive liberal trash’s hero Barry Hussein Obama for importing these rag heads from third world countries to infiltrate our republic. She’ll die by the sword or be stoned to death for her atrocities committed to Islam.


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