Amazing Video! Iranian Protesters Refuse To Step On US And Israel Flags At Protest — Walk Around Giant US Flag On The Ground!

(Gateway Pundit) – THOUSANDS of democratic protesters took to the streets of Iran on Sunday for the second day of mass protests.

There was an AMAZING display at Besheshti University– Protesters REFUSED to step on the US and Israeli flags!

Via Heshmat Alavi.

This video from Besheshti University is truly AMAZING!

Protesters refuse to disrespect US flag and when they do step on giant US flag they are booed!!


The protesters are chanting, “Death to dictator!” and “Basijis, IRGC, you are our ISIS!”

Protesters chant against the Khameneist regime.

Protesters: “I’ll kill those who killed my brother!”

On Sunday President Trump warned the regime DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS!


  1. Maybe the two countries can finally have a little mutual respect. From the citizens, not the governments- we may have a chance at a workable agreement.

  2. This was the last news I heard, before going to bed, last night. My heart felt great pride in the protestors. They, finally, see the truth & they had the courage to immediately change their mind. The truth will set them free…. We, in America, should have such courage- at the universities. I did say a ‘Thank you, God’ for letting them know the truth. Maybe, just maybe, they will be granted the freedom that all people richly deserve. Then they can begin to love their country, instead of living in ‘fear’…. God bless them all.

  3. WOW! . . . They have MUCH more patriotism for the U.S. than the Democrat House Members! Thank you MUCH – I applaud them GREATLY. One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020

  4. We should join them in our own streets, shouting Death to the Deep State and calling for the restoration of the constitutional government we unknowingly lost in 1963.

    • YES! YES! YES!
      Richard!!!! You’re spot on! Brilliant!!!!! How do we get to our people to do just what you mentioned!!!!!!!

  5. When the facts become clear to those that are wise, they choose to remove the blinders and select the truer path. Prayers toward those who are seeing they have been duped and their anger misaligned by an evil regime….and that the US truly desires that they find peace.

    God has promised: “ And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” May their quest for Truth lead them to the Living and True God….and the resulting peace within their hearts and hopes for their homeland.

  6. Praise GOD!! this is the effect Trump is having even in Iran!! yet the socialist anti America dems here piss all over our freedoms, our Constitution and Defense of Israel, while these oppressed in Iran are trying to gain such freedoms and dying by the hands of the pos dictators the left and msm in USA defend.


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