All 10 Of The Nation’s Living US Defense Secretaries Take Shocking Stand On Military Involvement In Election

( Exclusive) – If you had your hopes up that the military would end up getting involved in the election dispute, you’d better rethink that.

Now that Congress’ joint session is this week, all 10 of America’s living former defense secretaries have made it clear where they stand in regards to military involvement in settling the election.

In a joint op-ed published Sunday in the leftist Washington Post, Mark Esper (pictured at top), James Mattis, Ash Carter, Chuck Hagel, Leon Panetta, Dick Cheney, William Cohen, Robert Gates, William Perry, and Donald Rumsfeld said, “Each of us swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“We did not swear it to an individual or a party,” they continued.

If the election was, in fact, stolen and there was massive fraud, as Trump’s team alleges and as hundreds of eyewitnesses state, doesn’t that mean that the United States’ election was interfered with by domestic and possibly foreign enemies?

Isn’t protecting this country’s elections and making sure they are fair and free, defending the Constitution?

There will be no point to the Constitution at all if the presidency is usurped by a candidate who did not legitimately win.

The group claims that if the military was to get involved it would take the country into “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory.”

So, hold on, a stolen and fraudulent election doesn’t do that?? This group is clearly not interested in election integrity or even national security, but rather seeing to it that Joe Biden is inaugurated this month.

They go on to imply that the election results are legitimate and that all the fraud and corruption have been investigated and that it’s time to just accept the results.

The group went on to say that the “peaceful transfers of power” that follow elections are “hallmarks for our democracy.” They also urge the Department of Defense not to get involved in any actions that would “undermine the results of the election.”

It’s utterly unfathomable how these military men can stand by and not only defend the stolen election but vow to essentially defend it.

The reality is that the claims of fraud and corruption have not been heard by any court because of the fact that the courts dismiss the cases based on one thing or another before even hearing the merits of the case.

The actual truth is, state executives and rouge courts made changes to election laws which violates the constitution which gives sole, plenary authority of election laws to the state legislature.

These military men don’t seem to have any real concern for the law and are encouraging US citizens to just accept the fraud and accept the usurper Joe Biden.

After four years of President Trump it’s truly alarming just how powerful the Deep State still is. Though he tried his best to chip away at it and drain the swamp, it is so much more vast than anybody could have ever imagined.

Now, however, Americans at least know about the Deep State. Anyone involved in covering up the fraudulent election and telling Americans the results are legitimate are part of that Deep State and should be rejected.

They are enemies of the United States of America and sadly it looks like that includes these 10 former Defense Secretaries.

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Copyright 2020.

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  1. So sad that money, hush money, and treasonous money have destroyed these so called heroes understanding the critical part of our oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution, against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and DOMESTIC!!! Well domestically the characters who instituted and committed FRAUD, to ensure that Trump DID NOT win this election and even the runoff election in GA was rigged to ensure that only Democrats won. How can this not be a work of an enemy here on US soil, and not be called treason and and not demand a defense of our constitution? Or else screw them and President Trump and other republicans who entered a race to win, like in the movie Eraser, one character said, nobody screws with the Union. The message was sent, nobody can screw the deep state. Evil has so fiercely arrived here and those who can curb it have surrendered because of their past and acceptance of bribes and power. God help us. Who then is the very LAST LINE OF DEFENSE? Apparently it must be the military and one who is abiding by the constitution. But if these follow the politicians, then we have fulfilled the prophecy that says America will lose its way and will to uphold truth and righteousness. And we will fill a space in hell. Again God help us.

  2. Covenants mean nothing anymore. People will say anything to get what they want including an oath to defend the sovereignty of this nation until they have to live up to their word then their cowardice is exposed. My commitment to the sovereignty of this nation did not end with with my fulfilling my obligations to being drafted in 1971.

  3. it does not surprise me when I realized that the deep state murdered Kennedy I also realized that nothing in the intervening years had challenged its power. I left Detroit when I saw that all the whites had fled and left the entire place to be run by the black criminal gangs. I realized that still the deep state the bankster maintained control. for 43 years since 1975., the last time i actually spent any length of time inside the city It was nothing but a horrible wilderness, a war zone, administered by the Democrats with a few black puppets,population down by half. almost no jobs left. This is what life would be like all over the nation with Biden and Harris in power. No industry few jobs loads of drugs, murders, rape, and robbery. Just look at what the Dems have made of the Ghettos of Central LA just like Capital Hill in Seattle No industry few jobs no hope. That is what Demoncrats, the whores to the international banksters ever since the civil war have visited on us. There were only four decent top democratic leaders in the entire 170 year history of that party. The First was William Jennings Bryan and he was neutralized. Under supported in the race against Mckinley he could not overcome the money of the Banksters and the popularity of the McKinley Teddy combo. The second was Harry Truman and I beleive he was Gods gift to us not because he was so brilliant but because he was so stubborn hard headed brave and Honest that they could not control him. The next was Jack Kennedy who the Banksters murdered when he was seen as thwarting their plans. The fourth was Robert Kennedy who the Banksters Murdered to make sure he was not elected. There were others who bucked the sea of corruption that was the Democratic Party but it was these men who all ran for President and were or in Robert Kennedy’s case would have run in the November election. These four were the only Democratic party presidential candidates who put their party ahead of the banksters who ran the Democratic party. I believe McCarthy would have been one if indeed he had been elected but he was so much of an outsider to the system and had so few resources that it is hard to see him winning the hard core big city democrat vote. Their has not been any Democrat Including the liberals favorite Jimmy Carter who have done so since. As for the Republicans The Bush Family and the Rockefeller family are amongst the international bankster clans who control the world Democrats Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson were just bankster agents who followed the instructions of their masters, Clinton and above all Obama were also just figureheads following instructions. So far Biden has shown the ability to read a speech and repeat the words that flow through his earpiece. we do not have to consider any decisions the he will have to make, as all of them will be made for him, And we can count on all the stooges in the Democratic Hierarchy to stick to the script, They are good at that.

  4. I am ready to succeed from the Union, this Government has abandon the people of these united states, they no longer represent me. I will support all the 25 – 40 states that are patriotic and believe in the founding fathers should abolish there status as United states and boot out any communist traitor. They can take there communist states and hell hole we can do without them. It is time to start fresh.

  5. Well, it looks like it’s time to re-fresh the Liberty Tree. I’m 76 years old, but I’m not a coward. I will stand my ground against the deep state’s filth. Wake-Up patriots, and protect our Constitution and beloved country. May God be with us now as He was during the making of our Constitution. Amen

  6. I took the same oath and right now the Democrats are both foreign and domestic enemies. Everything on their wishlist goes against the Constitution

  7. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney would seem to disagree with these heads. Sadly it would seem, though not surprisingly that the tentacles of the serpents have corrupted even our military leadership just as they did with our FBI and DOJ which now appear to be renamed Federal Bureau of Intimidation and Department Of Injustice. It would appear that the oath they took to defend the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic has been trashed. Sadly those that served and defended so that they even exist are being spit on, even their own fathers.

  8. Only the lawless complain about the law. If they prevail hell is the result. These former military people are false to America.

  9. All deep state stooges … they are scared of the truth, and the possible repercussions found out from that discovery of truth. They are not concerned about following the constitution, or our liberty and freedom … only trying to cover their war mongering past. Sick b stards.

  10. “The group went on to say that the “peaceful transfers of power” that follow elections are “hallmarks for our democracy.” They also urge the Department of Defense not to get involved in any actions that would “undermine the results of the election.”

    Does this mean that a peaceful bank money transfer of a robbery is OK and the robbers get to keep other people’s money as Joe would keep the Trump votes?

  11. And everyone one of them collect the best retirement programs paid by the American taxpayer .

    5 star generals pull in 200k plus per year retirement while they make millions lobbying.

    What’s next .. Obama’s opinion too ….Jeez !!

    • Your comments make you sound like an idiot. I am a retired Naval Officer and Senior Executive with the Department of Defense, Having served this country for over 40 years. I retired at 20 years from the Navy after 20 years of defending this country and it’s citizens, which includes you. At 20 years I only get 50% of my base pay for retirement, which is why I had to get another job to take care of my family in the National Capital Area. There has not been a 5-star general since the death of General Omar Bradley in 1981. The highest military officer rank is a 4-star. There are only 46 46 active duty four-star officers in the uniformed service of the US, which includes the US Public Health Service. A 4-star can make over 200K in retirement, but only if they have serves for 40 years, but not that many have served that long. We all took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and many of my fellow service members sacrificed their lives to do so. I have personally seen service members lying in beds at Walter Reed with prosthetic limbs wanting to be sent back to there units. I don’t think I would called them a coward. If you have never served this country, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  12. Yeah Rats Everyone! America will not bend to the deep state for this one thing. “You steal our votes we will fight you tooth and nail to the bitter end.”



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