ALERT: Wisconsin Passes Major Voter ID Law, What Happened Next Is Shocking

May 18, 2017 9:43 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Everyone has heard talk of illegals voting in the elections and the impact that it COULD have had if states like Wisconsin didn’t take action. Liberals have got to be feeling SICK.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Wisconsin recently passed a law that made it mandatory to have a proper ID if you wanted to vote in last year’s election. Due to this change in law, a STAGGERING 300,000 people did not vote in the presidential election. We WONDER why!

The AP posted a story the other day which can only be described as, “A harrowing tale of all the people who are oppressed because they couldn’t follow the law.” They mention these one-off situations where a handful of people could not vote. They, of course, played the pity card and talked about how they were sick or dying more than the actual vote.

Don’t let their attempt at pulling your heartstrings fool you — they don’t have evidence to even back up any of their sad stories. Out of the 300,000 people who could not vote, they failed to mention one IMPORTANT group: illegal aliens. It MIGHT be worth mentioning the group MOST LIKELY to be held back by voter ID laws if you’re writing an article about it.

This scenario is another transparent attempt at derailing people from facts and replacing them with feelings. They figure if people feel sorry, they will want to repeal these laws. It just does not work that way.

Do you want to know how ALL of the people in their cute little story could have avoided their problem? GET AN ID! Being sick is no fun, but if voting is SO important, you would think they would find a way to get an ID.

It is not as if people have no clue when the election is until the day before. Everyone knows EXACTLY when Election Day comes around.

You would THINK that they would have made some plans before the election, ESPECIALLY since it is SO important.

It all comes back to one thing: the Left wants to use illegals to help further their agenda. Illegals know that the Left is sympathetic towards them, and they can, quite literally, get away with murder, rape, or any other crime under the sun. In exchange for a country where they can do whatever they want all the time, they are going to vote for the Democrat. It is an insane game that needs to stop NOW.

We need to end this charade that illegals somehow get a say in who runs our country. Why should they get a choice? What exactly gives them the right to pick our leader over a United States native or LEGAL immigrant? These are all questions that NEED to be addressed.

If it were up to the Left, they would bring enough illegals in our country to win every election. After that, they wouldn’t care if no one else came in or not. It is ALL about pumping their numbers up.

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