ALERT: Obama’s Shadow Government Makes Sick Move to Stop Trump

June 18, 2017 11:30 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Barack Obama never planned on handing over power peacefully. Through his minions, he continues to plague American politics. Now, his shadow government is trying everything it can to keep its secrets locked away forever.

As we speak, Republican lawmakers, with the consent of President Trump, are trying to fully investigate Obama-era scandals. However, with “Operation Fast & Furious” and others, Obama-era flunkies are trying to keep IRS records out of the hands of the current government, via Washington Examiner.

One must ask the question: what, exactly, is the former administration hiding?

After the recent testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, the answer may be “a lot.”

For instance, the administration wanted to keep the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server as quiet and contained as possible. Even Comey, a longtime Clinton supporter, testified that Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, tried to officially call the investigation a “matter,” via CNN.

Similarly, many believe the emails uncovered by the New York Police Department during their investigation of the perverted Democrat, Anthony Weiner, unveiled a treasure trove of emails that proved the Clinton camp of massive fraud, money laundering, and other crimes, via True Pundit.

As for Obama specifically, his loyalists believe they can wait out the Trump administration for four (or eight) years, thanks to their almost unlimited control of the American legal system.

This plan may keep the true nature of “Fast and Furious,” a “gunwalking” scandal that involved the U.S. government giving guns to Mexican narco-terrorists, from ever coming to light.

However, we do know at this point that Obama-era ATF agents sent some 2,000 weapons across the border, and promptly lost track of them, via National Review.

One of these weapons was used in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, via NBC.

Terry’s family has been stonewalled by Obama’s team for over seven years. They remain in the dark about the specifics surrounding their son’s death.

Many feel that the Obama team’s steadfast refusal to hand over financial and other records associated with “Fast and Furious” is based on a fear that the U.S. public would learn the true extent of the operation’s failings.

Also, many have claimed that these documents would prove the highest officials in the U.S. government, including President Obama himself, signed off on the operation, thus making the left culpable in Agent Terry’s death.

The truth must come out!

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