ALERT: Muslim Kept Sex Slave In Colorado Home, What He Tells Judge Is Even Sicker

May 14, 2017 11:28 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Even Muslims are admitting that their beliefs are not compatible with Western values.

A Saudi Arabia native and Muslim is seeking parole after being sentenced to life in prison for holding his housekeeper hostage and treating her as a sex slave. “The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors,” he told the judge and claimed he should not be persecuted because he was following Sharia Law and therefore everything he did was “okay” according to his religion. (via Denver Post)

Homaidan al-Turki argued that he should be released from prison, or at least transferred to Saudi Arabia to serve the remainder of his sentence — where he would likely be released.

The man still denies any wrongdoing and has refused to attend any rehabilitation courses, which he claims violate his religion.

He explained to the parole board: “attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.”

The Koran contains multiple verses allowing adherents to capture infidel women to enslave and abuse them. The Muslim man does not deny committing the crime, and claims that abusing women is simply part of his religion.

As more Muslims are immigrating into America, we are seeing an uptick in conflicts between American law and Sharia law. When the Muslims are forced to defend themselves in court, it becomes clear that Islamic values are not compatible with ours.

This religion simply doesn’t mesh well with our beliefs here in America, and sadly, American women will bear the brunt of the clash between cultures. Violence against women is one of the hallmarks of the Muslim religion, which is unacceptable here in our country.

For example, as the case against Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who performed genital mutilation on multiple American girls, unfolds, we notice Muslims contradicting themselves. Abdullah Hammoud, a Michigan lawmaker from the Muslim-dominated Dearborn, rejected proposed legislation targeting Sharia law to prevent future genital mutilation, claiming it has nothing to do with Islam.

However, the lies of Rep. Hammoud were instantly revealed by the lawyer of Dr. Nagarwala, who is arguing that she should not be sentenced to prison on the basis of religious liberty, arguing that genital mutilation is a part of the Muslim religion.

It is easy to decry that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, rape, or genital mutilation while attempting to get reelected, but the truth comes out when Muslims are forced to defend themselves in court.

We need to utterly reject the spread of Sharia law. We cannot allow these barbaric, stone age practices into our great nation under the guise of religious liberty. We must stand in solidarity with our mother and daughters and protect the rights of women.

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