ALERT: Massive White House Leak Was Just Discovered and Look WHO Was The Mole…

March 28, 2017 9:43 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – The start of the Trump Administration’s time in office was attacked by a number of internal leaks, and now it appears that the liberal moles are still alive and well.

Since President Trump first entered the presidential race and at every turn thereafter, John McCain has opposed him. Now it appears that McCain is the source of a massive White House leak that was just discovered. (via Conservative Post).

It appears that McCain managed to gain access to private and classified phone calls the president had with world leaders, and he has been telling everyone about them.

This could very well spell the end for McCain’s political career — this isn’t just a “low point,” it’s a depth he’ll never climb back up from.

McCain is so vindictive that he even shared this sensitive information with the mainstream media so they could twist and turn it in a way to bash President Trump, thus furthering his own liberal agenda.

Nobody ever thought that the leaks could have originated from someone on the same political “side” as the administration, but it appears these people were wrong. Even Republican insiders can turn out to be dirty swamp rats.

White House officials seem to be satisfied that the mole has finally been rooted out. But we won’t be satisfied until he’s behind bars. This isn’t the first time McCain has been a treasonous snake.

McCain is not somebody who can be trusted, and he proved this during a prank phone call with who he thought was the Ukrainian Prime Minister. He freely shared with this caller sensitive U.S. intelligence information. (via True Pundit).

It is believed that McCain accidentally exposed himself as being the source of these leaks. Attorney General Sessions should be opening up an investigation into McCain to discover the true extent of his reckless law-breaking.

The political arena is filled with people like McCain, which is why President Trump is so focused on “draining the swamp.” The sooner we get people like John McCain out of positions of power the better off we will all be.

Let us hope that McCain does not get away with this and he is going to be held accountable for his disgraceful actions. It’s not enough to simply catch a criminal — he MUST be punished!

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