ALERT: Judge Gives COVID-19 Patients Horrific News

( Exclusive) – We are on the verge of full-blown socialized medicine here in America and it’s being accomplished while millions of Americans still have private insurance. Our rights and freedoms are eroding faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

If you think that you have the right to a say in your medical treatment, think again. A judge in Ohio has just ruled that hospitals cannot be forced to treat patients the way in which the patients or the patients’ family request them to be treated.

Specifically, the case is in regards to the drug Ivermectin which has been used by many doctors outside of the mainstream to treat COVID-19 positive patients.

The order comes as a reversal of a previous order which sought to force West Chester Hospital to treat 51-year-old Jeffery Smith with Ivermectin after he was prescribed it by a doctor, Dr. Fred Wagshul.

Smith’s wife, Julie, sued the hospital last month, arguing that they should administer Ivermectin to her husband since it was prescribed and has “minimal downside and side effects.”

The judge, however, ruled that Julie Smith did not provide “clear and convincing evidence” to support her lawsuit against West Chester Hospital.

Jeffery Smith was on a ventilator after testing positive for COVID-19. The hospital refused to honor his wife’s request that he be treated with Ivermectin even despite Smith having a prescription for it and Julie Smith offering to sign a release that would have absolved the hospital of any liability in administering the drug.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard had previously ruled that the hospital must give 30 milligrams a day to Jeffery Smith but the order was only temporary lasting for 14 days.

Judge Michael Oster Jr. was subsequently presented with a motion for a more permanent ruling but he determined that Julie Smith did not meet her burden of proof in the matter.

“The medical and scientific communities don’t support treating COVID-19 with ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug,” the judge wrote, citing statements from, among others, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Pharmacists Association.

“Some doctors do support using the drug against COVID-19 and studies that appear to show its efficacy were limited and inconsistent,” he added, writing that “based upon the evidence, it has not been shown to be effective at this juncture.”

“In addition, the plaintiff hasn’t shown that irreparable injury will occur without another order forcing the hospital to administer ivermectin,” the judge said.

“If it is not an effective treatment, then this court cannot find by clear and convincing evidence that an irreparable injury will occur without the injunction,” he wrote.

Dr. Wagshul, who prescribed Ivermectin to Smith, told the court that Smith “seems to be” getting better after receiving the drug but also adding, “I honestly don’t know” if continued use would benefit the patient.

Judge Oster also indicated that he did not think it was in the best interests of the public to set a precedent in which judges dictate medical treatment.

“As a citizen, it would be easy to think about wanting to help someone in Jeff Smith’s condition, no matter the law. As a judge, the present case invites allowing emotions to steer one towards judicial activism. However, our legal system must stay firmly rooted in proper legal interpretation of the law, not what individual judges think the law should be. This Court is called upon to make its ruling irrespective of all sympathy, passion, or prejudice,” Oster wrote.

The judge also pointed out that Julie Smith is free to have her husband admitted to a different hospital where Dr. Wagshul has privileges which would thus enable the continued use of Ivermectin.

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  2. Another stupid judge that can not do the job. There is proof all over the internet that Invermectin is effective. But they had a judge that has his head up joeys ass and will not take responsibility for his decisions.

  3. No therapeutics will be endorsed until the Pfizer therapeutic is provided emergency use authorization. This all stinks like week old road kill. Fake article in Lancet about ineffectiveness of hydroxychloroquin. Lancet is the premier medical journal in the world with multiple reviews before approval. Not gonna happen without collusion. NIH holding all patent rights on COVID vaccine and testing. Bill Gates and George Soros owning the company performing all required COVID testing. Bill Gates holding a symposium in 2019 to assess the impact of a global pandemic, months before COVID 19 makes an appearance. The symposium, which is readily available for the world to see, was a playbook for COVID. Pfizer given the technology for mRNA by DARPA in 2014. The same technology provided to Moderna by the NIH. Suppression of deaths due to COVID vaccine by the government and news media. Forcing vaccines on all ages even though 90+% of deaths occur in age groups 50+, the groups most highly vaccinated. The Big Lie is the propoganda spread by government, big tech, and pharma.

  4. If the patient is on a ventilator, prior treatment obviously was not effective, and the prognosis is not good. I suppose West Chester does not prescribe Regeneron either, which is readily available at Miami Valley hospital 10 miles up the road and proven to be effective. Therapeutics work best when prescribed early, but no harm in administering. The wife needs to get her husband out of that hospital to a location that actually knows what they are doing. As for this judge, he seems concerned about setting legal precedent but has no issue tramping on patient rights. Put his sorry ass on a vent and see what his response is then. As for the hospital, to go court to block the use of a therapeutic when their treatment regiment is not working is disgusting. If the poor man dies they can say “See what happens when you don’t get the vaccine?” Fauci and crash dummy Biden would be proud. I really look forward to the day the malfeasance of these government bureaucrats is exposed and they are brought to account. Oh, I forgot, they’re libtards and never brought to justice.

  5. I wonder, why are there no therapeutics being research for the treatment of so called Covid. Why do we only hear vaccine, jab, vcxx? They seem to not good with the side effects, death etc and the fact that you can still get the flu and must wear max and more and more shoots. Do they just want us to die and not get better? Seems to me it is a total agenda for population control. Kids to not need it says tons of docs, those who have had it do not need it, but va x vax all you hear. Can not work, can not be around people, can not survive if you do not have the jab which may kill you. Something horribly wrong with this. Many scientists and even from Pfizer said they would not take and do not need to. What country are we living in? Satan walks in this country!

  6. And then they would go after that hospital! All the while never ruling once on the very people who made this and spread it around the world! And when they get their civil war and these very judges are dealt with by the people. They will be screaming “WHAT ABOUT THE LAW!” The very thing they ignored for others. We have seen so much corruption in the courts it seems we have no court at all! Now I see what Pelosi said about if Trump gets elected again everything Democrats did with the courts would end!

  7. Hey Judge, you are a complete MORON. Here’s what you wrote
    “Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug,” the judge wrote.
    Here’s Wikileaks definition
    “lives on or inside another organism, the host, causing it some harm”. Golly Gee Wally, that sure sounds to me like it’s a PARASITE.
    It was designed by humans to do EXACTLY the Wikileaks definition.
    “the plaintiff hasn’t shown that irreparable injury will occur without another order forcing the hospital to administer ivermectin” the judge wrote.
    So, apparently now DEATH is repairable? Awesome, when did this happen?
    I guess I missed THAT memo. What a total tool, and complete moron.

  8. The Judge then just made all the big pharma TV commercials pushing drugs illegal… you can no longer “ask your doctor for abilify, dupixent, blah blah blah “


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