ALERT: Intelligence Report On Trump/Russia Connection CONFIRMS Our Worst Fears

March 20, 2017 12:03 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – We have been waiting for the official “intelligence” community verdict on Trump’s alleged connections to the Russians. The report is VERY revealing, just not in the way most Trump-haters were expecting.

Representative Devin Nunes, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, said there is absolutely “no evidence” Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the presidential race. The only collusion which appears to have occurred is between intelligence community leakers, liberal elites, and the mainstream media, via Newsmax.

Sans any evidence whatsoever, the media and their pals embedded deep within our government have already tried and convicted President Trump in the public arena. Simultaneously, they hypocritically condemned Trump for making claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower without offering any show of proof.

Representative Nunes also agreed with Trump’s comments about elements inside the United States intelligence community. The House Intelligence Committee chair said there appear to have been staffers leaking information in an attempt to undercut the president.

“It’s pretty clear that that’s happening,” Nunes said. “There’s even been stories written about it in numerous newspapers talking about how they said they left breadcrumbs around to hurt the Trump administration.”

The representative also feels at least some of the intelligence community leakers might be gone now. Gone, maybe, but not identified and forced to pay for leaking classified information and twisting the material to suit their own partisan narrative.

Justice MUST be done. Any and all leakers must be found and forced to pay for their crimes. They cannot be allowed to get off the hook with only a little public embarrassment like Hillary Clinton!

Nunes believes the leaks were clearly orchestrated to take down Michael Flynn. Trump’s national security advisor was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration and of the Iraq nuclear deal in particular.

Nunes’ report proves, if nothing else, that it is entirely possible to speak to a Russian without being involved in a plot to destroy the lives of Democrats. There is also no concrete proof the Russians hacked anything, yet the mainstream media and liberal politicians continue to forget that important fact.

IF the Russians did do the hacking, how did that actually influence the election? No earth-shattering or criminal behavior was exposed to the voters — only a solidification of the truth they already knew.

No one in the mainstream media ever questioned the Democrats about the nasty emails about Bernie Sanders or the many other condescending emails exchanged during the campaign.

Nunes’ comments on the in-depth intelligence report about the alleged Russian collusion come just one day before FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress. Comey will be placed in front of lawmakers who are demanding answers about leaks and claims that Trump has ties with Russia and used those connections to impact the presidential election.

The FBI director will also be questioned about the president’s statements about the wiretapping of Trump Tower by the Obama administration. The question is, will he tell the truth or further spin this out of control liberal narrative.

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