ALERT: D.C. Strikes Vengeance, Issues Unbelievable Gun Law… Patriots Will Not Have It!

October 13, 2017 4:58 pm  

( – No matter how many times the courts put them in their place, these goons on D.C.’s City Council just never let up, do they?

The Washington Times reports that officials in Washington, D.C., are seeking major expansions to the district’s draconian gun laws. Ever since the federal appeals court struck down their attempts to constrain the issuing of concealed-carry permits, the Democrats have been thirsting for revenge.

Last week, gun owners in the city one-upped anti-gun officials when the court dismissed an appeal to a ruling that destroyed the requirement that everyone who wants to have a concealed-carry permit have a “good reason” to do so. Americans don’t trust the government to define what a good reason might be.

Watch out — Democrats might have lost the battle, but we’re far from winning the war. If D.C. gun owners aren’t careful, they could lose everything that the courts and Second Amendment defenders fought to keep from politicians’ dirty hands.

The city’s court-ruling, while it kept one aspect of the Democrats’ stupid gun control law at bay, left the rest of their restrictions firmly in place.

Gun-grabbing officials are particularly keen on enforcing gun-free zones. With so many public, government, and high-profile locations in the district, staying within the legal boundaries of gun ownership is literally going to be navigating a labyrinth for D.C. gun owners.

Here’s what’s ridiculous — the city has created 1,000-foot buffers around schools, daycare centers, parks, swimming pools and other public places, where carrying a firearm illegally will incur a double penalty.

This has law-abiding permit holders wondering, how the heck do you even see any of these places within a thousand feet? Is the government going to build a wall around them?

This is insane — any American could be driving to the supermarket or picking up his kid from school, and he could be sent to jail simply for being in the wrong place with a gun on his person.

The “good cause” rule was absolutely devastating to the rights of gun owners in the district. For the three years the rule was in effect, the city received 668 applications for gun permits. Only 138 of them — that’s 1 in 5 — were approved.

If the residents of the district are foolish enough to continue electing these fascist gun-revokers, they deserve exactly what’s coming to them. Patriots have got to come out in droves in the nation’s capital, and vote these fascist cons out of office.

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