ALERT: Ben Carson Issues Major Call To Every Christian In America

October 20, 2015 8:43 am  

(Western Journalism) – Dr. Ben Carson told an audience of thousands at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Presidential Forum on Saturday that inviting God back into America is part of his prescription for what ails the nation. He encouraged the evangelical crowd that they have an important role to play in bringing about a renaissance of faith and liberty in the culture.

“It is time to bring God back into our country,” Carson stated. “Our faith gives us our freedom.”

The former neurosurgeon used his own life as an illustration of God’s ability to transform the individual, who can then turn around and spread the good news and help change the culture. Breitbart reports that Carson spoke about the anger issues that he had as a teenager. “At one point, he described a fight he got into with another man where he actually stabbed the man with a knife because of his rage. Fortunately, the man was wearing a large metal belt buckle that broke the blade. The man safely fled, but Carson was shocked at what happened because of his temper,” according to the news outlet.

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Immediately following the incident, he locked himself away and prayed and read Bible verses on anger for two hours. What came out of that time was a recognition that his violent outbursts (which had happened onprevious occasions as well) were not his strength, but his weakness. He told the Faith and Freedom audience that he has never had an outburst of anger since that time with the Almighty. “God doesn’t just do a paint job, he fixes things,” Carson said.

The candidate also discussed the limited government design laid out in the Constitution and the role of faith in helping maintain the liberty it seeks to establish. “If only we would follow the Constitution, we’d be just fine,” he said.

Carson has often pointed to the Declaration of Independence as fundamental to understanding the true source of freedom: that document proclaims that all of Americans’ fundamental rights are granted by God, not government.

Carson attributed God’s Providence to his current role as presidential candidate. “He opened the doors,” the former doctor said. If the doors remain open, he will continue to walk through them, and if God closes them, the candidate will obey and sit down.

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