Martial Law Is Imminent! 


Tea Party Is Warning Millions of American Households And We Need Your Help!

“America’s Fraud President” is tightening his stranglehold on America’s throat. Obama is FREEDOM STRIPPING AMERICA and her good citizens and he must be stopped! Are you with us? Leaders and Patriots are positioned for a catastrophic coup the likes of which no one has ever seen before, and that’s why I need to hear from you now!


Listen up. Have you suffered enough under this oppressive Obama regime? Are you sick of the lies, the deceit, the corruption, the scandals, and the tyranny? Are you willing to prepare for the next battle America must win?

If so, then keep reading. If you’re not, then go back to your bootlicking because there’s no room for Obama sympathizers on this battlefield.

Get ready for the mother of all clashes. Here’s where we are right now…

(Get comfortable and buckle your seat belts)

Tea Party and its Patriots are putting out a call—a red alert

One-by-one Obama is stripping America of its freedoms and as he does we’re sounding the alarm loud and clear. There will be no one who does not see his ulterior motives, which are both wicked and deceitful.

“America’s Fraud President” is not just trying to drive America to her knees by stripping our hard earned personal freedom from our beloved citizens…he’s actually DOING IT. Don’t believe me or think it’s just Tea Party tin foil? Then by all means look at this—and remember, this is just a tiny piece of the atrocities he’s committing:

  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Lost your insurance? How about your doctor?
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Your citizenship given to unworthy illegal aliens
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Gun grabbed with registration around the corner
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Piling on more national debt, crushing the dollar
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Invading your home without a warrant
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Refusing to investigate fraudulent votes
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Fast & Furious gun running to drug lords in Mexico
  • FREEDOM STRIPPED:  Crushing business with ObamaCare and ObamaTax
  • WHAT’S NEXT?   Full frontal assault on our liberties with Martial Law enacted!

Right from our hands Obama is stripping our rights…he’s blaspheming and trampling our Constitution…and eradicating our heritage—all while the Lame Blame Media applauds his actions as heroic and noble. The writing is on the wall. If you have not seen it OPEN YOUR EYES

America is becoming Obamafied!!!

But you and I, we know that his actions are not noble. No, they are nothing less than jaded, sinister and filled with the global communist agenda—one right after another! 

The fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist is old news. Most critical now is that he’s actively gun-grabbing, disintegrating our votes, and trying to install a Soviet-style socialist state, replacing our beloved free-enterprise republic, the United States of America. Whether citizens want to see it or not, the fact remains: Obama is Freedom Stripping America and it is all part of his plan to take us down, decimate freedom, liberty and justice for all and bring us to our knees!

We need your help today. Either you’re part of the resistance or you will offer no resistance to the imperial president, king Obama.


It is our duty and our job at the Tea Party to tell “We the People” about “America’s Fraud President.” There is no time to wait! They must know now about his insidious plan to strip us of our freedoms and leave us suffocating in his corrupt totalitarian regime. 

The Tea Party is stepping up and warning America about the vicious fraud in the White House and his sinister plan. We must get the warning out! This is not an option nor is failure. He’s stepping up his game and we must act swiftly and with courage and patriotism!



We made a difference before and we can do it again. We have stopped edicts and votes against America. We have fueled the furor over Obama’s radical ideologies and his lawless ways.  With your help we were able to call household after household across America—more than we ever dreamed possible! Thanks to your support we touched untold multitudes of citizens with our warnings and messages. With your help we have sent the message far and wide about “America’s Fraud President’s” attempt to defile and defraud America! Many have stepped up to support this effort but now we must turn up the heat for our beloved nation in the most serious peril it has ever witnessed.

Patriots, we are under attack by the president of the United States of America! His idea of “fundamental change” is warped, sick and twisted. We must act now.

Here is what we must do:

Issue a stern warning about the looming disaster—this is a catastrophe so vast our beloved nation may never recover if we don’t stop it. Together we must stand in the great divide and protect our freedom, our Constitution and our beloved nation with all the firepower we have.

Our ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLD campaign worked so well in recent months together we literally stopped the complete takeover of America. Now it’s time to fire it up even more. Let’s lock and load Patriots!

We’re going to set up this massive call system up with a new warning, reaching far and wide across America.

We MUST Send This Alert To The Rest Of America

This Is Why We Need Your Help!


You know that we must bypass the bootlicking, butt-kissing, good-for-nothing Lame Stream Media! They’re worthless…brainwashed and bamboozled.

So it’s up to us to expose the truth about “America’s Fraud President” stripping our freedom to UNLIMITED Households! 

How many households will you help at .23 cents per household?

donate 23donate 460

donate 57donate 920


donate230donate money

Be Forewarned: The Tea Party—and all those who affiliate with us—will become a target of the left. The Obamites will stop at nothing to ridicule, condemn, and threaten us. Their mission is to search and destroy so that they can fulfill their agenda of replacing our beloved free enterprise republic with a freedom-stripped Soviet-style socialist state. If you get in the way they will try to push you back, step on you even oppress you. But we are Patriots…



Stripping your freedom is not a pipe dream but a reality! Fema Camps are already built and waiting for you!  They’ve been practicing for Martial Law and the great round-up of citizens in the 300-acre fake city Obama had built in Virginia. Do NOT dismiss this under any circumstance. It is serious.

Here’s what they are going to do:

  • Grab our guns and leave us defenseless!
  • Grant amnesty to tens of millions more illegal aliens to kill your vote!
  • Extinguish free-speech, crush it anywhere it exists!
  • Intern unlimited numbers of US citizens without cause!
  • Brand conservatives and the Tea Party as terrorists!
  • Teach our children that sexual perversion is normal!
  • Strip your wealth by taxing you to death and give it to the world to consume!
  • Make all private homes government housing!
  • Outlaw certain foods and gasoline-powered vehicles!
  • Bypass then reduce and eliminate Congress!
  • Make states accountable to the UN!
  • Reduce our military by 90%!
  • Remove our borders!

 …and that’s just for starters. Can’t you see—much of this has already started. We’re on dangerous ground, entering frightening territory.

We have to warn America—and we know it—but we need your help.

Oh, the Lame Brain Media will sit on the sidelines useless, and say nothing as our beloved nation, and all we stand for, falls into the deadly grasp of Barack Hussein Obama and his minion army.

The Lame Stream media were the minions who fed the great unwashed masses bold-faced lies with such straight-faces that even some of our own Patriots around the nation swallowed their claptrap. The great propaganda machine has never stopped churning. Obama is smooth let me tell you—that’s why so many have fallen prey to him—even the media.

People flocked to him and worshiped the ground he walked on as the Blame Stream Media drive-by journalists set the stage for fat government entitlements and a mass of free-loading subsidy takers who don’t want to work. Think “Give me my Obama phone!” and “Free health care? Sign me up. Obama’s goin’ to take care of me!”

Why work when the government will give them everything for free?

We have some serious damage to undo. Obama’s freedom stripping is well underway, infiltrating every town, city and state in the country: gun grabbing, school indoctrination of our children and the anti-American ObamaCare that’s crushing our health system—it’s all on schedule and happening now!

Now you know why we must bypass the Main Blame Media and tell America to get ready to fight for our nation, freedom and the American way. Here’s a sample of the call we’ll make with your help:

Sample Warning Call

TPhone356x244Hello, this is the Tea Party calling with an important alert!

Have you lost freedoms since Obama took office? 

Do you believe the Obama regime wants to grab your guns?

Do you think ObamaCare is one big scam to control your life and steal your hard earned money?

Do you think the government will use drones to spy on you?

We have some powerful information for you on how the Obama regime is destroying America…stripping your freedoms and making society dependent upon the government in order to control its citizens like puppets.

This is not about political parties, it’s about freedom. Once that freedom is gone, it will be gone forever.

May we have your permission to call you back to provide you with options about how you can help the Tea Party and help save America today?

[  ] Yes? –  Please know that you are not alone. The resources of the Tea Party stand ready for America in this fight against Obama’s freedom stripping. To receive this powerful information push 7 now on your key board, push 7 on your key pad.

[  ] No? – Good luck, if the Tea Party is right, you’re going to need it! 

 We will not go quietly into the night, will you?

 Join us!

Goodbye for now.


Important Message from Steve Eichler, CEO of the Tea Party/

StevePhoto159x190Do you remember a time that America would enjoy a Saturday night in front of the television with TV dinners and apple pie?

Our biggest concern was whether we could buy a new TV set or a car. Do you remember when sending your kids to school was your way of guaranteeing your children would learn usable skills for life? Do you remember how singing “God Bless America” or saying “One Nation Under God” during the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t an act of terrorism?

Do you remember a time you could go out shooting on the weekend, head out on a hunting trip or just spend a quiet night at home in front of the fireplace? Those days are perilously close to coming to an end.

Obama’s freedom stripping is trying to make all Americans property of the state and that includes our children, our dreams and our heritage—all cauterized, labeled and administrated by government agents.

Obama’s Soviet-style socialist state will eviscerate our rights, strip our personal identity and assign us a number. The objective is to eliminate human beings with dignity and treat us as cattle, numbered and branded. Does this sound like a familiar time in history? It should and it should scare the living daylights out of you.

Is this the type of America that you want? Is this the type of life that you want to live?

Do you want to live……..Without freedom, hope or honor?

If nothing is done this is exactly the type of life you will live and the type of inheritance your children will have. Trillions of dollars of debt, a hopeless dream (and a living nightmare) and a life that is lived in a dead-end country with a dead-end future.

To that I say HELL NO! Not today, not tomorrow, not EVER. The Tea Party will stand in the way, grassroots organizations will stand in the way, and red-blooded Americans will stand in the way. Will You? STAND WITH US AND FIGHT!

Sure, you could choose to do nothing but think about this…

Has your home become so comfortable, so warm and filled with creature comforts that all you can think about is hiding under the covers in your warm bed? Or is there a drop of freedom still coursing through your blood, courage that still flows through your veins? Do you still hold the Founding Fathers’ dream of 1776 in the utmost regard?

Or have you allowed yourself to be bought at a price? Have you been paid off to be silent? Have you been promised security believing the government is the answer? Have you become so comfortable with the government being the answer that you’re willing to lick the boots of the regime master?

Our Founding Fathers pledged their life, liberty and sacred honor to lay the cornerstones of an abundant nation that would allow us the freedom to inherit greatness and to be great and mighty.

Shall these dreams be dashed on the jagged edge of hopelessness? I say NO! This is a test of our resolve and our courage and this conflict will strain our resolution.

The government is not the answer, WE ARE.

We must keep fighting.  Show me you’re with freedom!

Steve Eichler J.D.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Here’s How the One Million Household Phone Call System Works


Unlimited Alert Telephone Calls To America

The plan is to call American households in 10 batches of 100,000 each, equaling a one million household block. Each 100,000 household batch will cost us approximately $23,000.00.

At first glance $23,000.00 seems very attainable BUT…once the process begins we cannot stop!

The first batch of 100,000 households is just as important as the last batch of 100,000 households.

Once the first One Million Household block is called, we start on the next block, working our way across America.

Now you understand why it is imperative the Tea Party contact America’s households with this alert telephone call and without delay!

The Strategy: It’s going to take everything we have and then some, to get this powerful alert sounded across America. That’s where we need you to do your part. We need dedicated Patriots to step up and help us deliver the Obama “Freedom Stripping” warning message to an unlimited number of households across America.


Now you understand why it is imperative the Tea Party contact American households with this alert telephone call and soon!

millions calls

So you understand where your money goes here are some of the expenses we’re faced with:

  • Fees related to state registrations and FCC compliance documents
  • Renting targeted phone numbers of households across America
  • Setup an outgoing telephone call system
  • Write effective telephone scripts
  • Pay for long distance charges
  • Prepare batteries of live operators for this monumental task
  • Create and review quality control for a uniform message
  • Pay most fundraising costs — upfront
  • Deploy our accounting staff to manage the costs
  • Prepare our legal team for the attacks from the Obamites
  • …and so much more!

Our costs are going to be staggering, yes, but we know this is worth it. How can you put a price on America’s head? Of course we’ll cut costs and streamline this project as much as possible, but “America’s Fraud President Freedom Stripping” scheme must be heard and heard now!

Security must be kept at an all-time high! Heck, even this warning will fall into the wrong hands and an attempt to stop us will ensue! Time is of the essence!

tele calling

I’m going to be perfectly frank. With all of the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price-cuts, we are still looking at a projected cost of .23 per household. Now multiply that by millions! Our projected cost could very well be over $ 230,000.00 per million households.

Here’s the kicker: the Tea Party has forged ahead in spite of the Obamites attempt to intimidate and ridicule us. The Tea Party’s bold and level-headed actions have shaken America awake and are rattling the Washington cages! The Tea Party is ramping up our powerful message so we can be the voice of resistance for America—the voice that rings FREEDOM!

How are we going to do this? We are going to build on the foundation of success we used to elect more governors, grab more seats in the House of Representatives and force the Washington establishment to respect the demands of “We The People.”

Here is the schedule: Unlimited American households until you tell us to stop!


Remember, the Lame Stream Media Is Complicit In Obama’s Freedom Stripping Scheme! We cannot rely on them. They are the enemy, too.

You are a Patriot and I know you can see how important this message is:


 We need your help in paying for the costs to get this powerful call out to American households. Remember, we are going to call American households and keep calling around the country…until you tell us to stop. YOU decide how much you want to help…or how much you can.

 SPECIAL: Tea Party To Expose “America’s Fraud President’s” Scheme To Freedom Strip Our Beloved Citizens—to UNLIMITED Households!

How many households will you help at .23 cents per household?

donate23      donate 460

donate 5750      donate920

doante115      donate2300

donate230      donate money

Once you’ve taken the first step and given your best donation, you will be directed to a thank you page for more information.

Thank God for strong Patriots like you!

Wait! One more thing. I must caution you: Civil War II has already begun. The smug media is attacking the Tea Party like never before! Oh they’ll call us birthers, racists, hayseeds, hillbillies and tea-baggers—they’ll spew their usual venomous liberal hate speech, trying to punish us, but we keep pushing forward, marching toward FREEDOM from Obama and his tyranny!

We owe America the truth about “America’s Fraud President’s” Freedom Stripping Scheme! 

 Thank you. Someday your children will thank you for saving their freedom! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ will lead the charge!

Get on board or get the hell out of the way!

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