Adam Schiff, April 2019: Obama Had a Duty to Investigate Candidate Trump

(Breitbart) – Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) argued less than a year ago in the Washington Post that a president had a duty to investigate a candidate from the rival party if he was suspected of foreign corruption.

Schiff, reacting to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on “Russia collusion,” justified the Barack Obama administration’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, and said Mueller should have included it.

Schiff wrote that investigating a potential president — even from the opposition — was an urgent matter of national security if there were reason to believe that candidate were working for, or beholden to, a foreign country.

He wrote (emphasis added):

Counterintelligence investigations differ from criminal investigations in their means, scope and ultimate disposition. Their goal is not successful prosecutions, but to identify and mitigate threats to national security. If a foreign power possessed compromising information on a U.S. government official in a position of influence, that is a counterintelligence risk. If a foreign power possessed leverage, or the perception of it, over the president, that is a counterintelligence nightmare.

Schiff added that the public deserved to see the material that the FBI found on the Trump campaign. (We know today that the FBI lied to the FISA court to obtain surveillance warrants on a Trump aide.)

Today, Schiff and the Democrats are arguing that it is an impeachable offense for a president to investigate foreign corruption by a potential president from the opposition — even when, as in the Bidens’ case, former Vice President Joe Biden had a clear conflict of interest while his son, Hunter, was on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma.

According to Schiff just last April, it is not an impeachable offense, but an urgent matter of national security for a president to investigate his potential successor.

It is the president’s duty. That is, unless the president is Donald J. Trump.


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  2. Shameful of these extreme Left-Wing Liberal democrats!! Adam Schiff is a Extreme Left-Wing Liberal Democrat and Anti-Isreal-Yisreal / Antisemitism / Anti-USA Constitution and Capitalism!!


    I am a Devout Christian Conservative Republican Patriot in our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and I STAND with the Holy Land of Israel-Yisrael Forevermore!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  3. Did anyone check candidate Barry?? The loser community organizer married to a man but trying to fool the American people. The idiot who hates America and is in thick with Muslim brotherhood? The candidate who was born in Kenya, told by his own grandmother! He was the biggest failure of the United States Presidency and always will be!


  5. If I could confront Schiff, I would tell him – if you can read, please read the Constitution. What Obama did was illegal. Did you ever hear of the Rule of Law? I know you keep using the phrase, but you don’t what it means. And I think any Democrat becomes a lawyer to learn the best way to subvert the law.

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    • Well if what Schiff said is to be true How come they do not want to investigate Joe Biden and after he admitted to Quid Pro Quo What and even after all what we have heard of his family getting millions for over seas too

  7. He is a liar
    He knew what he was doing was wrong
    Lied over and over , spreading the lie day after day trying to over throw the President!
    He and his team, should be tried for treason .
    They are guilty of trying to over throw our election.
    They are , even now, trying to control the election with saying Biden will be the president !Really! They know as soon as the election is over. Biden will step down. Then who will they pick for the VP? Because the VP they have now will be President!
    God help Our nation if this socialism groups get in to office
    Take a look at what they are allowing to happen to our country!
    Is this who you want to lead
    They hate Our President!
    They fight him all the way
    Not because his ideas are not making our nation better but because they are full of hate and jealous of President Trump
    He won!
    I pray to God he will win again for everyone’s sake!

  8. Hey sht head sciff just put a gun to your head and end it because trump is Going to win in November and you will continue your miserable life if you continue to live. Joe picking Harris that said she believed all the women that Biden assaulted just sealed the win. Wait for the commercials on that bit.

  9. His plan was not to investigate but to overthrow a duly elected president I believe both Obama and Schiff should be charged with Treason with a demand for the death penalty.

  10. Wake up America, these scum are total DISCUSTING and will ruin this country for our grandkids. Please get your non- voting friends to vote, and now.

  11. Ok, if obummer had a right to investigate someone running for office, then that means Trump is right investigating Biden? Just wondering.

  12. I totally agree with Honest! Obama, with his bowing to foreign dignitaries like a lackey and bad-mouthing America every chance he had, was the most DIVISIVE president of all time!
    And, if they were as broke as Michelle ma Belle whined, before he got elected, they sure ain’t broke now. They were able to move from the White House into a 5 million dollar walled estate in DC and recently purchased a 17 million dollar summer resort on Martha’s Vineyard. Sure wish I was THAT broke!

  13. I wouldn’t believe anything that piece of lying garbage Shifty Adam Schiff said, even if he swore on a stack of Bibles. This guy is one of the most corrupt, partisan hacks this century has produced.

  14. This is nonsense and distortion.

    It is not the President’s duty to investigate a candidate for President it is the duty of the FBI.

    “that investigating a potential president — even from the opposition — was an urgent matter of national security if there were reason to believe that candidate were working for, or beholden to, a foreign country.”

    Trump has been bailed out of bankruptcy by the Russian Mafia which should have prevented Trump from running for office.

    If Biden does have personal investment in a porfolio in the Ukraine fossil fuel industry that which has Hunter Biden as a board member Joe Biden probably should not be running for president.

    Why is the USA government financing military assistance to the Ukraine?

    • you are right to a point, fact is that’s why we need an UNBIASED media ,it’s their responsibility to report on corruption, and the FBI than starts to investigate based on facts ,not rumors !! The FBI doesn’t investigate a crime by looking for crimes,they investigate on proof that a crime was committed ! But our media is not unbiased ,they have become an active arm of the Democrat party ,remember Stormy ,and how the media kept that storyline going and going ,now apply that to Biden and Tara Reid !! after a week all is forgotten ,nothing !! Again all made possible by a corrupt media !! Look how Biden did not want Black kids in white schools, he said that he didn’t want his kids attending a Racial Jungle !! He called a clan member his mentor (Byrd) ,he said that you have to have a slight Indian Accent to work at a 7/11 ,Yet the media doesn’t even mention those racial discussing comments, now imagine if the President said one of those comments, guaranteed ,there would by nonstop coverage . MEDIA is not unbiased, they are very biased !

  15. Obama is nothing and will go down in history along with Clinton as the nastiest “Presidents” in American History~ Who in Hell thinks he needed to investigate President Trump ~ Needs to clean up his mansion before he try to clean elsewhere ~
    If he cleans up his mansion, who knows, he may even find his real birth certificate


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