Dr. Jerome Corsi calls for Tea Party Activism: Oppose John Boehner as Speaker of the House

December 8, 2012 11:31 pm  

(Dr. Jerome R. Corsi/Tea Party) – Does the Tea Party have a future in the Republican Party? First, we must acknowledge the Tea Party is here to stay.

Even more important, the Tea Party is destined to grow in the next four years as the Obama administration needs ever increasing tax revenue to support the massive increase in government spending required to support Obama’s socialist transformation of the American economy.

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The problem is the Republican Party establishment remains centrist in nature such that the effort of House Speaker John Boehner to purge Tea Party activists from key House committee assignments appears to be a direct assault on Tea Party ambitions within the GOP.

Centrist Republicans in Congress fail to realize that without Tea Party support, the GOP will have difficulty forming the electoral majorities needed in 2014 for Republicans to have a chance to extend their majority in the House and to capture a majority in the Senate.

Much as Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain might want to make the Republican Party a “me-too” Democratic Party look-alike, a strategy where Republicans try to out-Democrat the Democrats is a losing strategy.

To win favor with the American people in the second term of Obama’s presidency, the Republican Party has to present a strong alternative to the Democratic Party – an alternative is best represented by the Tea Party’s call for limited government and reduced government spending our Founding Fathers intended when writing the Constitution and penning the Tenth Amendment.

The conservative group American Majority has launched an effort to encourage House Republicans to vote “present” instead of in the affirmative when a vote comes up in the House to choose a House Speaker.

Even though John Boehner has already received the nod of the GOP caucus to be House Speaker, he still has to win by a majority the vote scheduled to be taken in the House on Jan 3 to choose a House Speaker.

Assuming all Democrats vote for their nominee, Nancy Pelosi, American Majority calculates only 17 Republicans have to vote “present” to block Boehner from getting the majority he needs in the House vote on Jan. 3.

If nobody receives a majority of the votes cast for Speaker in the House on Jan. 3, the vote is repeated until a speaker is elected, a procedure that since 1913 has only been needed once, in 1923, when nine ballots were required before a Speaker of the House was chosen.

“Speaker Boehner has been an abysmal failure as speaker, and his latest purge is the nail in the coffin for conservatives,” American Majority’s president and CEO, Ned Ryun, http://americanmajorityaction.org/blog/ama-launches-fireboehner-movement/ said in a press release last week.  “Boehner has never won a negation battle with the White House or Senate – and he’s been nothing short of an embarrassing spokesman for the Conservative Movement.  It’s time for him to go.”

American Majority’s staff have launched the Twitter hashtag, #FireBoehner, to support the drive to get 17 members of the House to vote “present” in the Jan. 3 vote for Speaker of the House.

A continuing concern is that Boehner will cave into White House demands at the eleventh hour and agree to raise income tax rates on the nation’s wealthiest taxpayers rather than risk the Democrats and the mainstream media from blaming the Republicans for forcing the nation over the fiscal cliff.

Tea Party support for the American Majority campaign to block Boehner from becoming Speaker will send a message to Washington that the Tea Party is not about to support the GOP unless the GOP earns that support.

Centrists in the Republican Party have argued that Romney’s defeat in the 2012 presidential election means the Republican Party must move more to the center if votes are to be taken away from Democratic Party candidates.

Tea Party activists would counter that support among the Republican Party base was only lukewarm for Romney precisely because Romney did not attack Obama strongly on issues of limited government.

A big-spending GOP that is only distinguished from the Democratic Party because the GOP wants to spend somewhat less is not the type of clear alternative Tea Party activists can support in good conscience.

Sen. Rand Paul sensed this last week when he told Larry Kudlow of CNBC that Republicans should vote “present” on all measures the Democrats introduce into Congress to increase taxes.

“Why don’t we let the Democrats pass whatever they want?” Sen. Paul asked.  “If they are the party of higher taxes, all the Republicans vote present and let Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them, let Democrats in the Senate raise taxes, let the president sign it and make them own the tax increase.”

What was Sen. Paul’s goal?

“When the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame – the party of higher taxes,” he explained.  “Let’s don’t be the party of just almost as high taxes.”

So what should Tea Party activists do?

In the immediate, Tea Party members should contact House Republicans by phone, by email, and by letter, as well as post comments on Twitter using #FireBoehner, that a “present” vote on Jan. 3 will send a message to John Boehner and the GOP in Congress that Obama’s re-election no longer permits a “business as usual” approach to working with Democrats in Congress.

Tea Party members must make sure Washington hears once and for all the Tea Party message that the USA does not have a taxing crisis — what the USA has a spending crisis.

If the GOP follows the Democrats in wanting to be a big-government party, only slightly smaller than the Democrats might favor, then Tea Party members will have no choice but to tell the GOP establishment not to count on Tea Party support in 2014.

What is certain is this: Higher taxes will only further depress an already struggling economy.

Should Congress pass the Obama administration’s “tax on the rich” scheme, the nation risks a taxpayer revolt led by Tea Party activists.

What every serious student of government knows is the government appetite for spending is limitless.

An income tax rate increase for the wealthiest Americans is only the first tax-and-spend goal of the Obama second term.

What’s next is a Democratic Party proposed tax on energy, followed by a nationwide federal sales tax in the form of a value-added tax, or VAT.

The time to draw the line is now and the way to do that is to let Washington know the Tea Party no longer supports John Boehner’s leadership as Speaker of the House.


Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD is the founder of the 1776 Nation and chief writer for the Tea Party Research Team of www.TeaParty.org

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