81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden Greeted By Massive Crowd Of Two Dozen Supporters At Ohio State University Speech (Video)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Wherever President Trump went throughout the duration of his 2016 campaign and his four-year term in the White House, he was met with massive crowds.

His supporters would wait through all manner of inclement weather just to get a glimpse of Trump and if he was holding a rally, supporters would stand for hours upon hours to get into the venue, sometimes even camping overnight.

He was easily the most popular US President in modern history, that is, until Joe Biden came along.

Joe Biden and his unprecedented and improbable 81 million votes has shattered all previous records and measures of popularity for US presidents. The crowds of tens of thousands of people that gathered for Trump were nothing compared to the stunning show of support for Biden yesterday in Columbus, Ohio.

A crowd of about two dozen people gathered together on one corner of an intersection on the campus of Ohio State University, where Biden was scheduled to give a speech commemorating the anniversary of Obamacare on Tuesday.

The massive crowd was able to maintain polite behavior and instead of aggressively clapping or waving signs of support, they simply waved to Biden as he drove by in his presidential motorcade.

This groundbreaking display of support is exactly what you would expect from the most popular and most voted for president in US history.

Of the couple dozen people who showed up to welcome Biden, ABC6 reported that around 20 of them were Trump supporters who waved flags in opposition of Biden that said things like “Biden is Not My President.”

No matter. Love trump hates and clearly there were about 14 or so people who seemed to enthusiastically support Dear Leader Biden.

Sure, more people showed up for President Trump in Florida to welcome him home after he left the White House on Inauguration Day than showed up in Washington DC for Biden.

That’s just an optical illusion though. Had the Dems not been forced to lock down the Capitol and surround it with tens of thousands of National Guard troops, surely the American people would have flocked by the dozens to see Biden be fraudulently and illegitimately inaugurated.

Back in February, in California, the most unwanted Vice President in US history made a trip home and was welcomed by a massive crowd of 2 people.

Video taken by a local reporter shows an elderly couple standing on the street as Harris’ motorcade passed by. There was no one else on the street except for news videographers.

In Florida, on the other hand, this was the scene on President’s Day in West Palm Beach for President Trump:


Obviously our lying eyes deceive us. Clearly Biden and Harris are wildly popular among Americans while Trump is hated and despised. The crowds don’t lie.

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  1. again if that would have been trump , there would have been thousands of people greeting the best pres in America history !!

  2. To the idiots that actually voted for this corpse and the communist…you – along with everyone else will feel the pain these evil people will cause. You have no idea what you have done.

  3. Wonder where all those voters went?? The real question — Were they there in the first place????? It would appear that MORE people wonder about this :^)

  4. Everyone I know thinks that Biden is out of it got dementia . And his vice president Kamala only got. 2 percent popularity vote.

    • Plus most know Trump actually won his second term , but the corruption must go on according to today’s progressive liberal trash in our society.

  5. I haven’t laughed this hard since Biden decided to run for president. Now seeing about 2 dozen people “welcoming” him in Columbus Ohio, and 20 of them were Trump supporters with signs saying “Biden not my president”. It doesn’t faze this Bozo at all!!! He wanted the title of president and he got it through election rigging but he will never BE president because he is incompetent and that will never change. Kamel toe is waiting patiently for the right time and she will slide right in with Piglousy being VP.

  6. Since they are clearly doing things that are unconstitutional, why isn’t our wonderful SCOTUS stepping up to stop it?

  7. Only a brain dead idiot would think that Joe “where am I” Biden won this election fairly. I’m supposed to believe a guy who sat in his cellar most of the campaign, and when he came out to talk he had crowds of tens ( if he was lucky) and made so many blunders every time he opened his trap … beat the sitting president who had a great first three years of getting this country going strong, had done so many positive things and kept his promises, had from Ten thousand to 50 thousand people at everyone of his rallies, people camping out for days to see him, his foreign policy was ten times better than most other presidents, who put this country first, who stood up to China, and only had his great recovery stopped because of China and the commie Democrats ? Only a dope would believe that the over 500 signed affidavits of voter fraud counting or fraudulent activities at the counting centers, illegal state constitutional moves to help Democrats were not real evidence for fraud. Now this senile corrupt government lifer is going To destroy this country because he’s being led by the power hungry slime in his party. Why isn’t the White House doctor giving this clown a cognitive test and putting out the results to the public? Where the hell are the Republicans those gutless useless slobs?

  8. So many vans/cars in his motorcade. Are they sneaking illegals into the area stuffed into those vans so no one will notice?

  9. This morning the Mornings on the Mall’s reporters in Texas were reporting live as hundreds of groups of hundreds of illegal alien migrants were crossing the border and looking for border patrol officers to turn themselves in. the reporter described people who were coughing and obviously ill being put on school buses and taken into cities in Texas and “dumped” into communities.

    This is the policy of the Biden administration at work. No medical screening no treatment, for obvious illness, No providing of court date. no accountability. T

    This is the actions of the democratic party who wants to violate, once again, the Constitution and the immigration laws along with the requirement of the Constitution that the States are to manage their elections. This democratic party who are releasing hundreds of covid-19 active cases into our communities wants us to believe that they are federalizing elections for our protection?

    • But, but, but those who came here illegally will call to make their own court date. President Stealer, I mean president Xbiden has everything under control. Come on man it took Trump 4 years to create this mess, one shouldn’t expect China Joe, I mean president Joe to undo this mess in 3 months. Just be patient man, Xbiden and his illegal/unconstitutional vice presidential pick are solving the problem by creating a different America, a type of America with a wall to keep people from leaving, how’s that for being smart, Trump would never have dreamed of such a clever plan.

  10. probably paid by the dnc to be there. next they will be rounding people up and forcing them to show their support, just like in Iran.

  11. O, I agree there is NO WAY THIS GUY received over 80 million votes, My concern is that by the time we get him or Harris out of office our country may be damaged beyond repair, Now we find out he is taking advice from BARACK OBAMA another disaster as president so i guess in effect OBAMA is now getting a third term. There has to be some way the Republicans in the House and Senate can stop this guy but they dont seem to even be trying. While we true Americans are on lockdown Biden is allowing Covid infected illegals into our country seems to me to be an impeachable offense. By the Constitutionm he is obligated to protect the American people against all enemies Foreign or Domestic in addition to Covid infected illegals entering our country, We have NO IDEA what else is coming across our borders Republicans need to get off their backside and question this mans motives and dangerous decisions and take all actions they can legally take to stop him.

    • DON,
      probably wont make any difference, But maybe there might be some good new maybe, Several REPUBLICAN AGS(IF WE CAN BELIEVE REPUBLICANS MAYBE ARE GROWING A BACKBONE) ARE FILING LAWSUITS OVER SEVERAL OF BIDENS EXECUTIVE ORDERS, I dont hold out much of a positive outcome especially if they go before most of the Liberal Judges in our courts, But maybe its a small glimer of hope.

  12. Biden was only e;lected by voter fraud. President Trump had on the average over 13,000 attendents to each of his rallies. Biden had an average of 38!

    They say that you cannot correct the problem because the damage is done ,but we have 4 more years of this stupidity which will get worse. They also say that after the horses leave the barn nothing can be done. Stupid people! Just get a bucket of carrots and put the legally elected president in the WH .


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