77-Yr-Old Barber Wins Right To Open Business – Tells Unhinged Michigan AG “You’re Not My Mother” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Several hairdressers and barbers held a rally Wednesday in support of 77-year-old Michigan barber Karl Manke.

Menke opened his shop defying tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s orders. A Michigan judge later refused to shut down this Michigan barber’s shop based on Whitmer’s unconstitutional order.

Following the court’s decision Whitmer revoked Karl Manke’s license.

She will not allow the common people to defy her rule.

On Thursday a Michigan judge ruled that Karl Manke, who defied the state’s stay-at-home order and opened his business, does not have to close.

Following the ruling the wild-eyed Attorney General Dana Nessel announced she will appeal the judge’s decision.

This disobedience will not be allowed.

In response Karl told the AG, “You’re not my mother.“

Via Varney and Co.:



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