35 Capitol Hill Police Officers Investigated For Letting Protesters Enter Building On Jan. 6 — Here’s The Twist

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Members of the Capitol Hill Police Department are now under investigation after many were accused of letting Trump supporters and other activists into the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021.

Trump supporters and other activists, many of whom, by the way, have themselves been arrested and charged for illegally entering the building.

What really went down that day, and who is responsible?

The Gateway Pundit shared several videos of the officers allowing protesters into the building:

This week, the Capitol Police department issued a statement that six officers had been suspended with pay and a further 35 were under investigation over the events of that day.

“Our Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the actions of 35 police officers from that day. We currently have suspended six of those officers with pay. Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behavior is not in keeping with the Department’s Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline,” the statement read.

There were no further specific details into the nature of the investigation, but it is being speculated that it has to do with this idea that the officers let the protesters in.

The officers, for their part, overwhelmingly voted no confidence in their leadership, both immediately after the event and again this week, interestingly.

Also this week, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told CBS News that the department was given intelligence suggesting the threat of that day ahead of time yet, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, did not take adequate steps to prevent it.

“Why they did not execute a plan, if they had a plan in place, to further protect that Capitol I think is an ongoing question,” Wolf said.

Over 250 people have been charged for breaching the Capitol Building that day, many of whom did nothing more than enter the building.

The whole situation is a big red flag. The events of January 6th are far more convenient for the narrative of the authoritarian Deep State and have been used to take unprecedented steps to squash free speech and initiate virtual Marshall Law in Washington, D.C.

Nothing is right about this—and can we even expect the investigations to be anything but political?

Who told those officers to stand down?

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  1. Let’s see if I understand this. Capitol Police Officers let protestors in and only 6 officers are being investigated and those are given a vacation with pay. Isn’t that what suspended with pay actually means.

  2. It’s only right, investigate capital police!!!! Don’t investigate the person in charge (pelosi). Don’t investigate the leadership in Oregon, Don’t investigate the leadership in San Fran, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and NYC…insurrection, treason, pelosi’s hands are clean…RIGHT!!!

  3. How ANYONE can stand up and say with a straight face that there was no evidence of fraud in the last election is beyond me!! Even so – WHY are they so afraid of an honest investigation????
    I am old so it probably won’t matter much to me but my heart aches for the life I see for my grandchildren!!
    One BIG problem is the media – I know good people who are completely confused by the media – We must have some new laws governing their responsibility to issuing the TRUTH!

  4. I have NEVER seen scrawny, helmeted, black jammies/backpack people at any Trump rally as seen on the Capitol videos. Me smelleth many rats.

  5. Do you honestly think the investigation will produce a truthful exposed facts of the incident at the Capitol? They are not going to expose Nancy Pelosi for anything, she is in charge of security of the House, she didn’t yield to the information given her two days earlier. All she could see is to blames everything on Trump, so she let it happen. That is my opinion.

  6. What is really wrong here is the fact that we will never know any factual answers as this is totally political and as long as Pelsoi is in change it will never change. Pelosi in my humble opinion is the biggest threat to our freedoms than any other person in Washington, she is nothing but a Communist at heart and will do anything for POWER TO RULE. Pelosi’s father was a Communist Sympathizer, and she shows the same thinking as his, she does not think the people in this country are smart enough to make any decisions on their own.

    Thus: the thinking behind the Progressives, “Empower Experts (what ever you consider and expert) to make decisions of social issues Regardless of what you and I think or want, or regardless of our Rights under the Constitution.” Think about that!

  7. Basic investigation,folks. Follow the trail,i.e.,texts,office memos,departmental correspondences,from officers up the chain of command ,to the top! Yes,it is obvious that since puloci is responsible for security in the Capitol,and she obviously knew of all the Intel prior to Jan.6. Ya’ll do the math,if she knew about it,you can bet the farm Schumer knew! What that Intel was used for is up to people a whole lot smarter than me,IF they are capable AND willing to do their jobs. Just saying…

  8. For sure it was all set up,Just like what the left has been pulling off for years,Pelosi is the biggest problem with the riot.She know a lot more than
    she is admitting.They wanted it all to happen,Was planned ahead of time.They wanted to hurt Trump as much as possible,Poor man,They have been working to take him down before he was evan president.We need him back to get America back in the right direction soon,please

  9. Without knowing the facts, it’s seems obvious some of the Patriots that entered the Capital were encouraged by others under the guise of MAGA members who infiltrated the group to do it which was a stupid thing and the police were told to let them in. Did they really think this was going to be okay? When do police especially at this Capital building let anyone have access into such “hallowed” halls. This was a ploy by the Democrats to create cause & effect. “ They broke the law by breaching the Capital and threatening violence therefore they must be charged with treasons”, something like that. It pushes their agenda.

  10. It is YET TO BE DETERMINED that these were TRUMP SUPPORTERS, GUESS WHAT FOLKS WE HAVE ANOTHER USELESS INVESTIGATION one in which the outcome has already been decided by the looney left Of course they remained silent during the summer when cities were under siege and lives were being lost, They in fact encouraged most of it, It is blatanly obvious that the only concern they showed is when they became under siege.

  11. dems hav found a way to make the most patriotic in america to b the enemy of america. thereby making the dems themselves the true enemy of america. what a farse.

    • No doubt they were told to stand down yet again as this whole thing was obviously preplanned to make Trump look bad.

  12. “Nothing is right about this—and can we even expect the investigations to be anything but political?”

    There is nothing right about this riot entering just when the issue of voter fraud and the inability of the states validate and to “certify” the election results and asking in letters for 10 days to investigate the evidence of the fraud.


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