Biden Joint Session of Congress Ratings Are In: 34 Million Fewer People Tuned In To Watch Biden’s Speech Than Viewed Trump’s First SOTU Address

( Exclusive) – When it comes right down to it, President Joe Biden is not only a possibly senile big government leftist, he’s also extremely boring to watch on television. Which might explain, at least in part, why 34 million less people tuned in to watch him give a speech to Congress compared to the high number of individuals who watched former President Donald Trump deliver his SOTU address.

According to a report from Infowars, ratings indicate that 11.6 million people watched the speech delivered by Biden to Congress compared to the 45.6 million folks who watched Trump deliver his speech back in 2018.

In fact, even at his lowest, Trump managed to pull in 37 million American viewers for his State of the Union addresses during his four years in office.

Biden only barely surpassed having a higher viewership count than this year’s Academy Awards, which only pulled in 9.8 million watchers. And that was a new low for the Oscars.

“Biden’s speeches and public appearances have become notorious for their poor ratings and lack of engagement, unless you’re talking about the overwhelming number of people who downvote videos on the official White House YouTube channel,” the report says.

“As a reminder, Biden officially received 81 million votes during the presidential election, the most a presidential candidate has ever received and over 11 million more than Barack Obama achieved in 2008,” it continues.

Some of the respondents to the viewership numbers expressed their surprise, you know, since Biden was so popular last year and all.

“Most popular president of all time,” one person said.

“Just wait, Dominion is finding more viewers as we tweet,” another cracked.

“Biden’s speech to Congress was not only boring, but the chamber was mostly empty. Even the Democrats who showed up couldn’t stay awake,” said another individual.

This does make you wonder, doesn’t it? If Biden was so popular last year and somehow managed to get so many votes that he handily beat former President Donald Trump, why do so many people simply not care what he has to say?

Something doesn’t add up here. Stuff like this, plus actual hard evidence, is why so many Americans are convinced the election was stolen from Trump. Things just don’t make any senses with the current narrative.

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  1. Again:I also find it interesting that it is made clear by the expounders that the forensic audits are not intended to alter the outcome of the election, but are to prevent it from happening again. Now it is also of interest that the point is emphasized that the election results have been “certified” and cannot be retracted thus figuratively encased in stone, but the fraud was known BEFORE the certification. It was known that there were over 11,000 fewer registered voters than ballots counted. Biden won Arizona by just over 10,000 ballots, and no concerns of fraud were of interest to the media of the Board of Supervisors.
    This is not a new phenomena in elections, YET the count and obvious known fraudulence is allowed to stand and is certified in Arizona and in MANY elections across our country for multiple election cycles. Thus is amazing that KNOWN fraudulent election results are able to be certified and an illegally elected official is then given the power in our government.

  2. No group of people have used the citizens of this country or illegals in this country like pawns to advance their agenda without regard of the harm that their manipulation causes than the democrats.

    • The Low iq crowd are nothing but takers and whiners . We call them progressive liberal trash .

    • Thinking of clown shows ,here’s one Obama’s favorite queer gay men LOW iq . Still can’t spell the name of the greatest president ever Donald John Trump CORRECTLY can ya LOSER ?

    • One thing is for sure Low iq , you liberal filth are always “taking “ from society and never contribute.

      Is that a fair statement loser ?


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