3 “Refugees” In Idaho Just RAPED a 5-Year-Old Girl. What Should Happen to Them?

July 9, 2017 5:00 am  

(Angry Patriot) – We’re all praying that justice finally gets served for a poor 5-year-old girl who was violently raped and abused by three Muslim refugees. It has been an uphill battle, but people are finally starting to notice what these MONSTERS did.

Jihad Watch reported that the three refugees restrained this poor girl, raped her, and urinated on her. It is, bar none, one of the most disturbing crimes we have ever heard about. It gets worse — it turns out that the community in Idaho is SHUNNING the family of the little girl.

The parents have been actively seeking justice for their daughter.  You often hear Democrats talking about how refugees are just coming here to live a better life, and NEVER hurt people, right? Well, Laci Peterson and her husband have to deal with the reality that their little girl was ravaged by these “peaceful refugees.”

Lacy spoke at length to World Net Daily about her experience getting this case resolved. She explains that the country prosecutor, as well as people who just live in her town, are treating her horribly. Peterson speculates that they are trying to push her daughter’s case under the rug because it interferes with their political narrative.

It’s a disgusting concept to consider, but one that seems to be rooted in truth. The Left, on MANY occasions, ignores obvious evidence of wrongdoing, especially if it makes their opinion look bad or invalidated.

Rather than admit that they were wrong, they would just as gladly let this little girl and her family suffer so that they can feel good inside. These people are repulsive; why are they in charge of making big decisions like this when their moral compasses are off?

Interestingly enough, all three boys admitted to their guilt and yet, the prosecutor lied to everyone sitting there that day. Grant Loebs, the prosecutor, said that “There was no knife involved; there was no gang rape.” We’re stunned and infuriated that he would have the gall to say that.

All three boys admitted they were guilty, AND they recorded it, so there’s video evidence — but the prosecutor is saying it didn’t happen. How can he look at a group of people — including the family — and say such a thing when the evidence is DIRECTLY in front of his face?

Things got so bad in the Peterson home that the family had to move to a home they can’t really afford. The mother of one of the refugees was caught standing outside of the Peterson home talking to someone else while pointing at the house on multiple occasions.

It was enough to shake the family and force them to move. In fact, they left that night to go and stay in a hotel room. We’re DISGUSTED that this is happening to this poor family! Justice needs to be served, and the three savages responsible for this should never see the light of day again.

On top of everything else, everyone heckling this family because the truth doesn’t meet their political agenda needs to see how this affects the victims of such horrid and disgusting crimes.


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