2020’s Most Shocking Revelation: How Willing Americans Who Fear Disease Are To Conform…

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Over the course of 2020 we’ve learned a lot about Americans and one of the most shocking revelations is the fact that millions of us are perfectly OK with the government taking control of our lives.

It turns out fear of the coronavirus is a major determining factor of whether or not someone is likely to support an authoritarian regime. It would explain why so many fellow Americans could vote for Joe Biden after he has made no secret he is all for stricter and longer lockdowns.

Not all Americans value freedom equally and not all Americans view personal liberty the same. That has been the biggest takeaway from 2020 and, perhaps, the most troubling.

Americans have been willing to accept massive violations of our rights in the name of stopping the virus except, as recent research has shown, the lockdowns don’t really do that and they have no correlation to lower death rates.

If Democratic leaders push the idea that lockdowns “save lives” hard enough, people will believe it, no matter how little actual science there is to back it up. As long as people think they’re doing the right thing, they’ll accept massive government oversight and control.

Not only have people been willing to lay down their rights in the name of public health safety but those of who have been less than enthusiastic about conforming to absurd mandates have been demonized and made out to be villains who don’t care about others. We’ve been viewed as a threat to others.

Again, there is virtually no scientific data or evidence to back-up the majority of the mandates and rules being forced on Americans, including lockdowns and mask-wearing, yet many are willing to comply and condemn those who don’t.

As Newswars points out, “One must appear to be complying with the crowd or face expulsion.” This has become very true of wearing masks which analysts have admitted “may be far from enough to prevent an increase in new infections.” Either wear a mask or get bullied for being “heartless.”

The parasitic stress theory, made popular by Randy Thornhill and Corey Fincher, supports the idea that there is no room for dissent in societies where the environment is compatible with disease. Therefore anyone who dares to not conform will be viewed as a threat and silenced.

One glaring example of this is Google’s censorship of the Great Barrington Declaration. A document that denounces lockdowns and other draconian measures and has garnered over 700,000 signatures of experts, medical professionals, and others from around the world.

The document argues that younger people and those who face minimal risk from COVID-19 should be free to go on with life as normal while resources should be devoted to protecting those who are vulnerable.

Just for making this perfectly reasonable, sane suggestion Google has taken it upon themselves to censor the document and silence the views of scientists, doctors, and experts around the world. The only “experts” that matter are the ones who support the radical effort to control entire populations through fear-mongering and altruism.

When searching for the “Great Barrington Declaration” on Google, most users in English speaking countries will be directed to articles criticizing the document rather than the actual document itself. This is one of the many ways Big Tech manipulates people and pushes progressive agendas.

There is no reason to believe that all of the mandates and restrictions are going to magically ease up after a vaccine has been made available. Democrats have been using the pandemic as a means to grow more and more powerful and they aren’t likely to give that up anytime soon.

Our only option is to stand-up against this tyranny and refuse to participate in this charade any longer. There will come a time when it will be too late.

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  1. Striking fear in the hearts of the people of this country will bring us down. Too many people have cowed to the narrative that this virus will kill us all. We must stand up to these fearmongers and live free.

  2. For years they have peddled Climate Change fear as a way to gain control, now they have stepped up their game with a virus that was deliberately cultured, paid for by us and yes I have copies of the pictures of Dr. Fauci, Melinda Gates and Obama at that lab in 2015 examining their “bat” project! This was all planned, everyone who died of Covid 19 was murdered! Want to bet they have had the vaccine for years, created at the same time they cultured the virus! Why do you think Bill Gates has been pushing vaccines for years but not for his family! The communist democrat play book is FEAR, we’re all gonna die unless you do this, give up that, do what we say, OBEY! One of their favorites is “gun control” but they really don’t care how many get shot in Chicago, NYC or LA, they could not care less about criminals except where they can be used to increase fear. The only thing they fear is an armed, independent, prosperous citizenry that can fight back!

  3. Isn’t a shame that, if the Democrats do get power, there will be no place for people who love freedom and value the rule of the people, by the people and for the people, will no longer exist. There is no place on this earth to go that hold these believes and now the Democrats are trying to take that away from us.

    • You are so so so right. The sheeple are so beat down from fear mongering and scare tactics that they unknowingly comply with the unconstitutional mandates. Fear takes away reasoning, fear takes away freedom, fear leads the masses to obediently comply even when their is proof that the fear is unfounded. Fear is a powerful tool in the wrong hands.

  4. JOHN you are correct, No one is denying that the COVID VIRUS is dangerous especially to those with pre existing conditions, But it is obvious that the left has used this virus to try and control the masses, I wrote a post several months ago about how they were using this virus to grab power and control all across the country, Congress,govenors,Mayors and city counsel members ignoring the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and how it was astounding how the masses were just standing by and allowing their freedom and civil liberties to be taken away. We the people in this country had better wake up and wake up fast or we wont have a country very much longer.

    • Lins roberts , the denial of a possible treatment that is so simple it threatened their power over the country, but now the results are in and hydroxychloroquine is a valid med that has proven to cure the illness for many who use it under a doctors supervision.

  5. Fear is the name of the game. The reason important facts about this covid are being censored, and buried. The dishonesty of the CDC, WHO,UN, Fauci, Gates etc. … is remarkable. There is a plan to take America down with a number of scenarios … being played out right before our eyes.

    • Yes, most Americans conservatives/liberals agree govt is corrupt. Which is why we should question any power grab. I don’t understand why anyone would want more government control.



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