‘2016’: Obama plans to ‘take America down’

November 27, 2013 11:24 am  

(NewsMax) – In the 2012 highest-grossing documentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” political commentator Dinesh D’Souza made some startling predictions about the second term of Barack Obama – and now he has released a fresh, eight-minute addition to the film revealing how the president plans to “take America down a notch.”

D’Souza explains, “I have some good news and some bad news.”


“The good news is that this week is Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful for in America. We are living in a nation that is truly exceptional, and we still enjoy freedoms unlike those found anywhere else in the world. The American dream is still the dream of millions across the globe.”

“The bad news is that there are those within our country that seek to undermine this exceptionalism and “take us down a notch.” What’s worse is that one of those people happens to be the President of the United States.”

“When I directed 2016: Obama’s America over a year ago, I prayed that I would be wrong. The damage that I predicted Obama would do to our country could never be worth an “I told you so.”

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong. Wielding a weaponized national debt and a disdain for our standing in the world, President Obama draws us nearer and nearer to the dystopia that I warned against in 2016.”

In the 8-minute addition to “2016: Obama’s America,” D’Souza provides specific examples to strengthen his documentary’s primary argument that President Barack Obama’s world view is heavily influenced by the anti-colonial sentiments of his late father and revolves around two primary objectives – the global redistribution of wealth and the weakening of America on the world stage.

“This anti-colonialism shapes Obama’s world view and helps us to predict what Obama is going to do,” D’Souza asserts in the video. “It not only explains what he is doing, but it allows us to foretell and anticipate things that he is going to do.”

D’Souza begins by exploring the increase of the nation’s debt under Obama, which he describes as the president’s seeming “indifference to the impact of the debt on American citizens.”

Acknowledging that Obama’s predecessor President George W. Bush was a “big spender,” D’Souza points out that under the current administration, the nation’s debt has doubled, increasing by “one trillion dollars a year” as we approach a national debt of $17 trillion.

“That’s an awful burden to saddle our children and grandchildren [with], it’s also drags the economy down and redistributes wealth away from America to the rest of the world,” D’Souza said.

“Why? Because in the past much of our debt was owed to other Americans, but now a significant portion of our debt, about a third, is owed to foreigners,” D’Souza said. “This is a transfer of hundreds of billions, in fact trillions of dollars out of the United States and to other countries. My theory about Obama was that he wanted and wants global redistribution and debt is a weapon of global redistribution.”

D’Souza’s second prediction is that “Obama wants to shrink the influence of American foreign policy.”

To illustrate this point, the conservative scholar compares and contrasts the president’s responses to the Libyan and Egyptian uprisings and how in both cases Obama’s foreign policy strengthens America’s enemies and emboldens its foes.

“When Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood, he knows this is the oldest and most powerful radical organization of radical Islam in the world,” D’Souza csaid. “And yet when the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power Obama doesn’t seem perturbed in fact he seems kind of excited.”

“When the military pushes out the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama seems flummoxed, he doesn’t really know what to do,” D’Souza added. “Suddenly you have guys who use to be allies with the United States – the Egyptian military, and what does Obama do, he cuts American aid to the military. . . It’s almost like he’s looking to take Egypt, which is a longtime ally, and make it into an enemy.”

D’Souza then contrasts that with his reaction to a 2009 uprising in Iran where there were massive pro-democracy sentiment by Persians.

“Did Obama back the democracy movement [in Iran]? No he opposed it,” D’Souza said. “He in fact said let’s stay out, he said let’s leave things and I quote him, ‘to the supreme leader.'”

The protest was subsequently squashed by the Iranian government.

“There’s a real double standard in Obama’s treatment of Iran, where he opposed the democracy movement, and Egypt where he supported it,” D’Souza said. “Now when an intelligent man does something that’s contradictory it’s not because he’s a fool, it’s because he’s up to something else.”

And what does D’Souza believe the president is up to?

“Iran is an adversary of the United States and Obama seems to have no interest in weakening our adversaries, while he does seem to have an interest in weakening our allies,” D’Souza concluded.



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