110,000+ Sign Petition To Rename Trump Tower’s Street After Obama

(Breitbart) – A MoveOn.org petition to name the stretch of road that runs in front of Trump Tower after former President Barack Obama is rapidly gaining ground.

“The City of Los Angeles recently honored former President Barack Obama by renaming a stretch of the 134 Freeway near Downtown L.A. in his honor,” the petition reads, continuing:

We request the New York City Mayor and City Council do the same by renaming a block of Fifth Avenue after the former president whose many accomplishments include: saving our nation from the Great Recession; serving two completely scandal-free terms in office; and taking out Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind September 11th, which killed over 3,000 New Yorkers.

If the petition were to bring the change, the portion of Fifth Avenue that runs between 56th and 57th streets would be renamed, changing Trump Tower’s address to 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave.

The petition’s author, Elizabeth Rowin, told Newsweek she “honestly started it as a joke,” but that the idea has drawn support from “several” unspecified members of the city council. “I saw a comedian joke about how it would make Trump so mad if it was named after former President Obama and thought why not,” she said.

Despite that, one issue notably stands in the way: Barack Obama is still alive, and New York City street names are only granted posthumously. “I am sure the conditions can be changed,” Rowin told Newsweek. “there are two streets in LA named after former President Obama. These laws are arbitrary and can be worked around.”

Video: Petition to rename portion Trump Tower street after Obama



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