White House Releases Image Depicting Obama as ‘Game of Thrones’ King

May 8, 2014 10:34 am  

Critics of Obama’s executive agenda might not see the funny side

(Info Wars) – The White House tweeted out an image of Barack Obama depicted as a king from Game of Thrones, a gag that cuts a little too close to the bone for some critics given Obama’s lust for executive power.

Following Obama’s joke during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech about forcing through more executive orders, the administration sent out the image to coincide with last week’s Game of Thrones episode.

In the picture, Obama sits upon the ‘Iron Throne’, a term that also refers to the monarchy that rules the Seven Kingdoms in the hit HBO series. According to one description, “the throne was forged from the 1,000 swords that had been surrendered to Aegon in the War of Conquest by the lords who had offered their fealty”.


Former King Joeffrey’s crossbow also sits on the coffee table while Obama holds a crown in his hands.

Some might not see the funny side of the image given that Obama is actually behaving like a king by flouting the constitution and pursuing his agenda by executive fiat on a number of different issues.

Indeed, representations of the President as a king have been used by some of his fiercest critics for years as a way of highlighting Obama’s disregard for the constitution.

“Is it a joke?” asks Michael Lofti. “If you call making fun of your truth as a diversionary tactic a joke, then sure – we’re all laughing.”

Lofti notes that the kings in Thrones ”have all been ignorant, insane and ruthless murderers. Then again, what more would you expect from a president that boasts about “being really good at killing people.”

During a speech yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz compared Obama to King George III, noting that “The Declaration of Independence had, I believe, 26 abuses that King George had committed against Englishmen. Well, this particular report lists 76.”

Cruz was making reference to a list of examples of Obama “governing by executive fiat” and engaging in a range of illegal actions, including allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the country, covering up the Benghazi attack and targeting conservative groups for IRS scrutiny.

“President Obama has become the embodiment of the imperial presidency,” said Cruz, paraphrasing Jonathan Turley’s congressional testimony on executive abuse of power in relation to the enforcement of Obamacare.

In depicting the President as an imperious king, the White House has unwittingly but perfectly illustrated the driving motivation behind the Obama administration’s abuse of executive power.


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