WATCH – Army Soldier in Philadelphia Nearly Beaten to Death, The Reason Why is SICK

January 7, 2017 1:17 pm  

(Angry Patriot Movement) – Austin Freni is a 19-year-old soldier who was with his mother and girlfriend when they were attacked by a group of thugs.

The thugs, around 10 to 15 of them, left Freni with severe injuries to his face just because he was wearing an army jacket.

He was home visiting his mother, who had recently lost her husband, Austin’s father. A kind stranger had paid for Freni’s ticket to go home at this emotional time. It was there, in Philadelphia, that he was attacked.

Freni and the two women were walking after the Mummers Parade, which is a Philadelphia New Year’s Day tradition. Then, the group of attackers made snide remarks about Freni’s jacket.

“Group of 10-15 guys walked by me [making] derogatory comments towards Austin’s army jacket,” said Austin’s mother, Lori, in a statement. She also said that when one of the men hit Austin, the others began to join in, via Breitbart.

“Me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off, and they hit us. We got hit in the face. She got thrown in the street,” Lori said, upset. “He’s got to get plates put in his jaw, and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks.”

Freni is now recovering in the Jefferson University Hospital, and he will be there for a while due to the severity of his facial injuries. He was scheduled for deployment, but now it looks like he may be held back so he can recover.

People who don’t respect our military are some low and disturbed people, and to attack someone while they are at home visiting their grieving family is disgraceful too. The men and women who serve our country deserve respect, as do those in mourning.

Unfortunately, our military members are warned that some people will choose to pick fights with them. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear any type of military attire while dressed in civilian clothes and in the outside world. Blending with the everyday people keeps our soldiers safe.

This attack should never have happened. Freni will have permanent damage because of these thugs who took it upon themselves to bring their hateful opinion to the table. Also, Freni will not get the chance to deploy with his brothers and sister in arms, at least not anytime soon.

It is a huge honor to be deployed in the military, and being held back from it can be truly upsetting. I can only imagine what Freni must be feeling, recovering and possibly being unable to ship out with the people he has endlessly trained and worked with.

I hope these thugs will be found and arrested because this is inexcusable, and they deserve to be punished. Our soldiers know they may be giving up their lives to serve our military, yet they still do it even though they have to leave their family and friends and all they have ever known. To disrespect them for such a selfless act is horrific.

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