Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Praises Ferguson #BLM Riots – Forgets to Mention He Joined Violent Protest Movement in 2014

February 16, 2017 11:33 pm  

(Gateway Pundit) – Twitter founder Jack Dorsey spoke to a tech conference on Wednesday hosted by Goldman Sachs.

Dorsey said the mood in America today was like the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, Syria and Libya that led to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

Jack Dorsey also praised the violent Black Lives Matter protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri that were all based on a lie.

Jack attended the protests for several days in 2014.

Daily Caller reported:

While the social media company appears to be treading water after a rough past few months, which includes a number of high-level staff departures and a sinking valuation, Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey sees his platform’s influence in society remaining largely the same, if not growing.

“A lot of the same patterns we’ve seen during the Iranian Green Revolution and the Arab Spring,” Dorsey said Wednesday at a tech conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, according to Fortune. “It was stunning to see how Twitter was being used to have a conversation about the government, with the government.”

Jack Dorsey forgot to mention that he attended and supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

And Jack STILL supports the Black Lives Matter movement even though everything they said about Officer Darren Wilson was a lie.

Jack even showed up in Ferguson and attended the protests.

He should have mentioned this.

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